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Group a1


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Group a1

  1. 1. Mobile information andcommunication tools in the hospital (International Journal of Medical Informatics)
  2. 2. Simulation studyQualitative research (different from Mobile digital experiment) assistant Group discussions Quantitative form
  3. 3. DiSalvo, C. F., Gemperle, F., Forlizzi, J., & Kiesler, S. (2002)All Robots Are Not Created Equal: The Design and Perception of Humanoid Robot Heads.
  4. 4. User-survey Uncanny ValleyRobot head analysis Design suggestions
  5. 5. Social Media Recommendation based on People and TagsIdo Guy, Naama Zwerdling, InbalRonen, David Carmel, Erel Uziel IBM Research Lab.
  6. 6. user survey (N >200)Mathematical methods Social software application suite for extensive user study social recommendations
  7. 7. Task demand and mood repair: The intervention potential of computer games Nicholas D Bowman
  8. 8. computer games demand Focus Groupgreater cognitive and tactileengagement from the user, witha specific focus on the tactile as Flight simulatora distinguishing characteristic ofgaming from other media form