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How To Do Music Recommendation


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Based on the algorithm for

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How To Do Music Recommendation

  1. Finding a band to fall in love with @maryrosecook
  2. How? Take a band the user likes. Find connected bands. Show in order of connection strength.
  3. Connections Myspace friendship
  4. Connections Mixtape
  5. Connections Record label
  6. Connections Tiny Mix Tapes review recommendation
  7. Connections Epitonic similar artist
  8. Connections User suggestion
  9. Connections recommendation
  10. Connections mp3 blog
  11. Recommendation Rating
  12. Connection Strength connection source weight sum + connection rating Average of all connection Average of ratings for this source ratings specific connection
  13. Good Multiple connection sources means diversity. Global + local ratings mean subtle strengths.
  14. Bad Connection strengths barely personalised. 120,000 bands. Only immediate connections considered. Ignores band quality. Ignores band popularity. Ignores music taste evolution.
  15. Terrible Music recommendation separated from life?
  16. Thank you for your kind attention