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Animals is a topic that children love most,here you can have a slide where you can see the difference between Farm and Jungle animals

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C:\Fakepath\Welcome To The Animal World 2

  1. 1. Let’s see the difference between farm animals and jungle animals
  2. 2. Farm animals live in a farm. A farmer takes care of them. Some of them give us delicious food: milk,eggs, and meat. Let’s know them
  3. 3. We can We can find find the the rabbits pig and its and the cats piglets too
  4. 4. The cow The sheep and and its its lambs calves
  5. 5. The hen and its chicks and the duck and its ducklings
  6. 6. The horse and its foal
  7. 7. The farmers’ best friends are the dogs and its puppies
  8. 8. Which farm animal is the farmer’s best friend? Dog Rabbit
  9. 9. How do we call the babies of these animals? Choose the correct option piglets foal chick foal lamb puppies calves calves lamb
  10. 10. These are jungle animals Monkeys and elephants
  11. 11. Giraffes,zebras and toucan
  12. 12. Dangerous animals such as : crocodiles, snakes
  13. 13. Tigers and lions
  14. 14. Which are dangerous animals? Monkeys, giraffes,zebras and elephants. Pigs,dogs,cows,horses,rabbits, Cats and sheep Snakes,crocodiles, lions and tigers
  15. 15. Whoops !!try again
  16. 16. No, try again
  17. 17. Yes, well done
  18. 18. Now let’s read this story One day all the animals join together because they want to elect the new reprensentative in front of the man
  19. 19. They have the meeting in Noah’s ark. There, they choose their representative. What do you think ? Which do they choose? Yes !!! today is the great day!!!!
  20. 20. In your opinion who is going to be new leader? 1I think they want another leader so they will choose the tiger , because it is strong 2)I think they will choose the dog,becauste it is the man’s best friend and they can get well with him 3)I think they will choose the lion again
  21. 21. Noooo and I am very angry!!!! Go back to the Noah ‘s ark
  22. 22. Yes!!! I am the new leader of the animal world
  23. 23. No!!! This time!! go back and try again
  24. 24. YES!!!! I am the new king. NO MORE VIOLENCE!!