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Spanish for Leadership


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Spanish for Leadership

  1. 1. Spanish for Leadership&BusinessCristinBleess, Castle View High School, CODanika Cornelius, Seacrest Day School, FLMary Risner, University of FloridaFFLA 2012St. Augustine, FL
  2. 2. Are We Prepared for Jobs of the Future???
  3. 3. Session Overview• What is “Business Language”?• Resources/PLN• Business Language Model 1- Private School• Business Language Model 2- Public School(via virtual guest)• Q & A
  4. 4. What is Business Language???
  5. 5. …[language] used to conduct business invarious communicative situations andcultural contexts.DOYLE, M. (2012), Business Language Studies in the United States: On Nomenclature, Context, Theory, and Method. The ModernLanguage Journal, 96: 105–121
  6. 6. How important is knowing a secondlanguagewhen conducting business or for differentjobs?
  7. 7. Language, Business and the “Halo Effect”
  8. 8. Languages & Careers
  9. 9. Resources on NOBLE
  10. 10. Personal Learning Network: How toConnect…
  11. 11. NOBLE Facebook
  12. 12. Noble Ning
  13. 13. LinkedIn – Language Learning forBusiness and the Professions
  14. 14. Twitter@langforcareers
  15. 15. Spanish for Leadership(model can be used for any language)Model 1-Public School
  16. 16. Preparing Global Leaders Throughthe Spanish ClassroomCristinBleesscristin.bleess@dcsdk12.orgHow to set-up a Spanish for Leadershipprogram at your public school
  17. 17. Castle View High School, Castle Rock, ColoradoSuburban high school, population 17504x4 block schedule, Academy model
  18. 18. Spanish for Leadership class meets many needs…• Advanced, non-AP class Spanish class• 21st century learning opportunity• Real-world application
  19. 19. To-do list to get the class started• Talk with principal• Write class proposal• Brainstorm with other teachers• Attend conferences• FIU K-12 Language for BusinessConference (Jan. 19, 2013, Miami)• CIBER Business LanguageConference (April 4-6, 2013, IU –Bloomington)• Create curriculum• Generate student interest
  20. 20. Spanish for Leadership Curriculum
  21. 21. • Typical day• Related vocabularyIndependent Career Studies• Preparation• Possible companies
  22. 22. Basic Business Skills
  23. 23. Cultural and Etiquette Studies
  24. 24. Cross-Cultural Communication
  25. 25. 21st Century Skills Projects
  26. 26. Community Involvement
  27. 27. End-Of-Class Trip
  28. 28. Spanish for LeadershipModel 2-Private School(model can be used for any language)
  29. 29. Seacrest Country Day SchoolNaples, FL
  30. 30. Communication and support from Mary and CristinNOBLE resources
  31. 31. Survey my students
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Other lessons accomplished so far this school year:-Reading news articles-Keeping an online journal with resumes-Learning basic phone skills such as greetings, making appointments,and leaving messages-Learning more complex numbers such as decimals and fractions-Acquiring business etiquette knowledge through readings,discussions, and role play activities…
  34. 34. Current plans in progress:-Invite guest speakers to the class-Through the efforts of Dr. Risner and NOBLE:Set up connection with Brazilian class learning Spanish-Establish service learning component as part of the curriculumLocally Internationally
  35. 35. Contact