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About the NOBLE Project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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About the NOBLE Project

  1. 1.   Mary Risner UF Center for Latin American Studies UF CIBER International Business Series-Spring 2013
  2. 2. Secondary Foreign Language & Culture Post-secondary Professional Schools *Business
  3. 3. Language for jobs beyond teaching Classroom connection with professionals Adaptation of curriculum with LSP activities Creation of new LSP courses LSP=Language for Specific Purposes
  4. 4. Understanding value of foreign language and intercultural competence Connecting classroom with intl.-minded professionals Adapting curriculum with international content Develop IB courses
  5. 5. Sponsoring and co- presenting with teachers at conferences Supporting teachers in curriculum development Disseminating Resources/ Exhibit booths Building Professional Networks through Social Media Target faculty population: K-12, small colleges and universities
  6. 6.  Cristin Bleess, Colorado, Spanish for Leadership  Danika Cornelius, Florida, Spanish for Leadership  Juan Jose Vazquez, Connecticut, LSP Units  Sean Hill, Michigan, LSP Units  Katrina Beeck, Wisconsin, Spanish in the Community and the Workplace
  7. 7. FFLA= Florida Foreign Language Association
  8. 8. CEO Tampa Port NBEA=National Business Education Association
  9. 9. ACTFL=American Council on the Teaching Of Foreign Languages
  10. 10. @langforcareers
  11. 11. Toward a New Generation of Globally Aware Citizens Need for Language Training Across the Disciplines Language, Business and the “Halo Effect” Brazil is a Global Leader
  12. 12. Are We Prepared for Jobs of the Future?