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Wheredoyoulive matepowerpoint

  1. 1. Where do you live, Mate? States and Territories of Australia
  2. 2. Australia is divided into states and territories? (DOK1) True Formative Assessment
  3. 3. ∗ States ∗ New South Wales ∗ Victoria ∗ South Australia ∗ Tasmania ∗ Queensland ∗ Western Australia ∗ Territories ∗ Northern Territory ∗ Australian Capital Territory Where Do You Live
  4. 4. ∗ Australia most likely has a unitary structure because it is divided into states and territories. (DOK2) ∗ False- Australia is a federation. States and territories have local governments. These local governments share power with central government. Formative Assessment
  5. 5. Western Australia must have the largest population because it has the largest land size. (DOK2) False- Land size can hold larger populations, but other factors can influence whether a region is densely populated. Formative Assessment
  6. 6. ∗ Larger states and territories can fit more people comfortably. ∗ Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are all larger. However, large land size doesn’t always mean the state will have a large population. Other factors also influence this. Land Size
  7. 7. ∗ The states and territories in western Australia make up the Outback. This region is arid and sparsely populated. (DOK 1) ∗ True- Over 70% of the land in Australia is desert. This region is sparsely populated. Formative Assessment
  8. 8. ∗ Most people live in climates that are mild and receive adequate rainfall. ∗ The states that have the mildest climates and most adequate rainfall are New South Wales and Victoria. Tasmania has a pleasant climate, but it is isolated from the rest of Australia. Queensland has a milder climate, but it is covered in humid rainforests. The ACT is very small, but its climate is the same as New South Wales The Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia are very arid. The Great Dividing range keeps rainfall from these regions. This area is called the Outback. Climate
  9. 9. ∗ Most of Australia’s agriculture takes place in New South Wales and Victoria near the Murray and Darling Rivers. This area is also rich in copper and oil. ∗ Western Australia and South Australia are homes to sheep stations and wheat fields. Australia leads the world in wheat and wool production. It is rich in gold, copper, iron and other minerals ∗ Queensland offers land suitable for cattle and sugar cane. It is also rich in copper. Arable Land/ Agriculture/Natural Resources
  10. 10. Even though Australia is very dry and has little arable land, it leads the world in production of wheat and wool and other agricultural goods. (DOK 1) True- The arid regions of South Australia and Western Australia lead the world in both of these agricultural goods. They dig deep artesian wells to accomplish this. Formative Assessment
  11. 11. Most of Australia’s cities are located on the western coast because the states are larger in the west. (DOK2) False- Most of the cities are located near the eastern coast where the climate is milder, and there are major rivers. Formative Assessment
  12. 12. ∗ Most of Australia’s cities are located on the southeastern coast. ∗ Sydney, New South Wales ∗ Melbourne, Victoria ∗ Brisbane, Queensland ∗ Perth, Western Australia ∗ Gold Coast-Tweed, New South Wales and Queensland ∗ New Castle, New South Wales ∗ Canberra, ACT Urban Areas
  13. 13. ∗ Queensland and Western Australia have the largest population because they are the largest states. (DOK 1) ∗ False- Victoria and New South Wales are smaller in land size, but both have larger populations because the climate, rivers, and resources make it a better to place to live. Formative Assessment
  14. 14. ∗ Northern Territory- 232, 400 ∗ ACT- 370, 700 ∗ Tasmania- 511, 700 ∗ South Australia- 1,645,00 ∗ Western Australia- 2, 387,200 ∗ Queensland- 4,513,000 ∗ Victoria- 5,574,500 ∗ New South Wales- 7,247,700 Actual Populations
  15. 15. ∗ 1. The Outback includes the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. Why don’t many people live in these regions? (DOK 2) ∗ 2. Why do most Australians live on the southeastern coast of Australia? (DOK 2) ∗ 3. Which state or territory would you want to live in? Why? Give evidence. (DOK 3) TOTD