Week 18 day 1-eu


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Week 18 day 1-eu

  1. 1. EQ: What is the purpose of the European Union? HW: Study for final. Study Guide due Thursday. * Get a composition notebook for next semester* SPONGE Self Assessment- Using your Unit 3 “What I Know” go through and check the standards you “got” and circle the parts that you “don’t got”
  2. 2. Take a sheet of paper and fold it into 4’s. Label the squares like the model below 1. The Purpose of the EU 2. The Pros 3. The Cons 4. The EU Today
  3. 3. EU Assignment Option #1 Join the European Union Option #2 European Union Political Cartoon Directions: Create an advertisement that persuades European countries (non-EU) members to join the European Union. Use a piece of copy paper. Directions: Create a political cartoon that shows the relationship between a non-EU members and the other countries of the European Union. Use a piece of copy paper. Here are things you must include: A catchy title at least 3 benefits of joining the EU a colorful illustration Here are things you must include: A catchy title at least 3 benefits of joining the EU a colorful illustration
  4. 4. What is the European Union? • EU- An organization of more than 25 European countries who joined together to encourage trade within Europe. • A multinational confederation • Creates a free-trade zone: no tariffs, no quotas, no embargos!
  5. 5. EU Members Since 2007, there are 27 members of the EU
  6. 6. European Union Members  Austria Finland Belgium France Bulgaria Germany Cyprus Greece Czech Republic Hungary Ireland Denmark Italy Estonia Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom
  7. 7. S-C-L  With your partner, brainstorm… Why do you think a country might want to join the EU?
  8. 8. Why Join Together? • Believe that when countries work together they are a more powerful force in the world because they involve: – More money – More people – More land area This helps make small countries more competitive in the world market…
  9. 9. Breaking it down by the #’s… EU United States Land Area (approx.) 1,500,000 3,700,000 Population (approx.) 500,000,000 305,000,000 Gross Domestic Product $14 Trillion $13.5 Trillion GDP Per Capita $28,213 $43,444 •The US is much larger than separate European countries When the EU countries combine, they have more people and a larger economy; they can compete in a global economy
  10. 10. What’s the Purpose? #1- Create a peaceful, stable environment #2- Promote free trade among members #3- Ensure safety and security of member nations #4- Assist in social issues like preserving the environment and protecting human rights
  11. 11. S-C-L  With your partner, brainstorm… One BENEFIT of European countries joining together for trade.
  12. 12. Benefits for the Members Members may use a common currency (euro) that makes trade easier EU works to improve trade, education, farming, & industry among its members No tariffs (taxes) among member countries – free trade zone
  13. 13. S-C-L  With your partner, discuss… How would having different currency (money) effect trade in Europe?
  14. 14. Euro • The euro is the currency of MOST EU countries. • Member countries can choose to give up their own currency and exchange them for euros. – French francs and German marks have been replaced by the euro • Why? Common currency makes trade between the countries much easier and less expensive • 12 countries in the EU do not use the euro • United Kingdom has decided to continue to use the British pound
  15. 15. Directions Using your resources, choose your task from your handout and complete your assignment. Resources: Notes Coach book pages 142-143 Textbook pages 328-333 Partner Teacher iPad Computer
  16. 16. TOTD- ABC Summary Using your post it note, and your assigned letter, create a sentence explaining a key idea from today’s lesson that starts with your letter. EX- “E” The EURO is the the common currency of many EU nations that helps to make trade easier.