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Explorers simulation day 4


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day 4

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Explorers simulation day 4

  1. 1. Copy table on to page 34 of ISSN Date # Title 9/29 34 Episode 4 Notes Step#1- Update TOC Morale Health Time Start Check #1 Negotiation Skill Roll Bird +1 Seamanship Roll Land Ho! +1 Scenario 2.1 Scenario 2.2
  2. 2. Your group is waiting? • Then work on your notes for your log • Guided questions are on the yellow sheets on your desk.
  3. 3. Are checks confusing you? • 1st Roll- to see if you win or lose • Lose-> Roll Again • 2nd Roll- What happens now?- LOOK AT THE TABLE
  4. 4. Portugal +1 to the dice # you roll Spain -1 to the dice # you roll
  5. 5. Supply Check- Common Sense Navigation Check- Seamanship
  6. 6. Morale Health Time Start Check #1 Negotiation Skill Roll Bird +1 Seamanship Roll Land Ho! +1 Scenario 2.1 Scenario 2.2
  7. 7. Scenario 1 A Sign of Hope
  8. 8. Step #1- TWO explorers make a Negotiation roll Both Win: you have succeeded in convincing the crew! Continue in your voyage Lose: The Captain has flogged a crew for insubordination. Morale point by - 1. Make a Morale Check
  9. 9. Step #2- Every explorer make a SEAMANSHIP roll Only 1 Win: That person receives the reward More than 1 win: Everyone who one needs to roll again- the person with the HIGHEST roll wins the reward
  10. 10. Scenario 2 East Meets West
  11. 11. 1. Get out your weapons in case the natives are hostile. 2. Try to talk to whomever is in the forest. 3. Ignore the natives and see what they do.
  12. 12. #1 AS you slide your swords from their scabbards and your knives from your belts, most of the natives run away. But a few brave ones come out of the forest and look at your curiously. One even steps forward and grabs a sword by the blade! He cries out as blood drips into the sand. Choose an explorer from your group to make a Medical Expertise roll to bandage the wounded native. • Win: succeeds and the native smiles gratefully. The native offers the explorer a necklace with a polished shark tooth. • Lose: the native jerks his hand back and runs into the forest. No other natives will approach the group.
  13. 13. #2 • If you decide to try to talk to the natives, choose an explorer to make a Negotiation Skill roll. (If you choose an Interpreter to make the roll, subtract 1 from the roll.) • Win: the natives come out onto the beach. You learn that these people call themselves “Taino.” • Lose: the natives look at your fearfully until one of the young men steps out of the trees and stands before you.
  14. 14. #3 • If you ignore the natives to see what they will do, the natives slowly come out from hiding. More people emerge from the forest, and soon a large group of natives is standing before you.
  15. 15. 1. Try to trade beads and other trinkets with the natives. 2. Try to get them to tell you if there is gold or gems nearby. 3. Invite them to come on board the ship.
  16. 16. #1 To trade with the natives, choose someone from your group to make a Negotiation Skill roll. • Win: the natives give you several hammocks, a couple of bright, feathered parrots, and a necklace with a gold nugget hanging from it. The Captain’s eyes light up at this! Raise the crew’s Morale by 1 point. • Lose: the natives grow nervous and retreat into the forest.
  17. 17. #2 To get information about gold and precious gems, choose two explorers from your group to make Negotiation Skill rolls. • BOTH WIN: the natives communicate that a large island to the north has much gold and many gems. Raise the crew’s Morale by 1 point. • LOSE: the natives do not offer any useful information.
  18. 18. 2 #3 If you decide to invite the natives on board the ship, choose someone in your group to make a Negotiation Skill roll to help the natives overcome their fear and take your offer. • Win: a great number of natives are soon swimming out to your ship and paddling toward it in dugout canoes. They bring many gifts, such as fishbone spears, parrots, colorful feather hats, an d food that you have never seen before – big orange balls with green stems (pumpkins), slender vegetables from which they strip the little yellow pieces to eat (corn), and large, round, red fruits that are not too sweet but very juicy (tomatoes). Raise the crew’s Morale by 1 point. • Lose: the natives hold back and fearfully refuse to come to your ship.
  19. 19. Complete your “Personal Log” for today’s episode