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Columbian exchange thumbprint cartoon


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Published in: Education
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Columbian exchange thumbprint cartoon

  1. 1. Good Mafternoon! 3/7/14 EQ: What is the Columbian Exchange and how did it impact Latin America? HW: none SPONGE 1.Update your TOC 2.Study for your vocab quiz DateDate ## TitleTitle 3-7-14 51 Unit 7 Vocab Quiz 3-7-14 52 CE thumbprint cartoon
  2. 2. Directions  Use a pencil for your quiz  Turn your quiz over when you finish and read a book
  3. 3. Directions  Fold your cartoon into 6 or 8 scenes-1st scene must say Columbian Exchange and have your name on it  Other scenes must use pictures and words to convey what the Columbian Exchange was.  All pictures must contain thumb-prints – be creative!  use a WASHABLE MARKER to color your thumb for your scenes