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Startrek promtion essay

  1. 1. In this essay, I will be comparing the effectiveness of both poster and trailer of the2009 movie, Star trek. I will be talking about what the film‟s selling point was whichwas to rebuild the movies franchise, if the marketing exploits the selling point and ifthe film was commercially successful. I will also be talking about the how successfulthe poster and trailer for star trek was for promoting this rebranding.Star trek is originally an American science fiction entertainment franchise created byGene Roddenberry. The core of Star Trek is its 6 television series which are theoriginal series, the animated series, the next generation, deep space nine, voyagerand enterprise. In total 726 Star Trek episodes have been produced across the 30seasons of the TV series. The first episode of star trek aired on September 8, 1966.The original series ran from 1966-1969 which included 3 seasons. It didn‟t last longdue to low ratings. The Star Trek franchise has a large number of novels, comic booksand video games. Paramount pictures decided to re-boot the Star Trek series‟ in 2008.Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg all starred in the movie Star Trek in 2009.J.J Abrahams directed the film. He has also directed other well-known movies such asmission impossible-ghost protocol, super 8 and clover field. He also directed thewell-known TV series „lost‟ which has won awards such as the 2006 Golden Globeaward nomination for best television drama series. Before he starred in the Star Trekmovie, Chris Pine has starred in movie Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and justmy luck which are two popular films. He had one of the main roles in both of themovies. He has a lot of family which are also successful actors/actresses. ZacharyQuinto is known for starring in popular TV programmes such as charmed, heroes andCSI: Crime Scene Investigation before he starred in Star Trek. Simon Pegg is knownfor starring in popular movies such as Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz, Paul and Run fatboy run. The last two Star Trek films at the box office were financial flops. Star Trek:Insurrection (1999) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2003) are two previous Star Trek filmsthat were not very successful. Other films that were successful at the time weretransformers and Iron man.Star Trek had 3 important selling points. One of them was to have a completely newcast portraying much-loved characters, this was one of the selling points because theprevious cast members were getting old and they wanted a new group of young andgood-looking cast members to capture the attention of a younger target audience.Another important selling point was supreme production values, the producerswanted the visual effects of the movie to look more realistic but in a sci-fi type of wayand better quality compared to the old Star Trek movies. The last important sellingpoint was the passion and vision of J.J Abrams who was the director of the movie.Producers wanted to listen to J.J Abrams‟ ideas on how to make the movie a greatblockbuster hit. These 3 important selling points is to create a complete re-inventionof an iconic property. In order to make Star Trek the biggest blockbuster at the time,they needed to minimise the legacy of Star Trek. Producers didn‟t want people to havethe idea of the new Star Trek movie as another one of those geeky movies becausepeople think of Star Trek as a movie for geeks but producers don‟t want people tothink that anymore. Furthermore, they also wanted to minimise the context of the filmwhich is sci-fi. Producers want people to think that the new Star Trek movie will bemore like an action film instead of a sci-fi. They also wanted to get rid of the retrofeeling of the movie. They also wanted to minimise the insularity which are the fan
  2. 2. base of the Star Trek movie. The insularity is a group of people who call themselves„Trekkies‟ and are massive fans of the movie. Producers wanted to minimise theinsularity because they wanted a wider variety of target audience. They wanted ayounger target audience because the „Trekkies‟ were getting old. Overall, they wantedto get rid of the geek fest side to Star Trek. To make Star Trek the biggest blockbusterat the time, they wanted to maximise a couple of things to the movie. They wanted anew cast. They wanted a younger and more attractive looking cast to capture theattention of a younger target audience. They wanted to maximise the action/visualeffects. They wanted the movie to look more effective with the explosions etc.Another thing they wanted to maximise was for the movie to include a cutting cooledge. They wanted to make the movie with a much cooler atmosphere and get rid ofthe geekier atmosphere. They also wanted to maximise the ubiquity. They wanted thestate of being everywhere at once. Overall, they wanted to make the movie morespectacle. The teaser trailer of Star Trek first appeared in January 2008 and the teaserposter first appeared in November 2008. They released the teaser poster and trailerearly so that fan fanatics and the fan base of Star Trek which are called „Trekkies‟ willbe able to spread the word of the movie to others. They are sure to watch the trailerand see the movie poster first. The core audience of the movie are 12-34 year oldmales. The secondary audience is all adults. The target audience before the moviewere 25+ year old male sci-fi fans called the Trekkies. The mean age of them now is 42years old. They wanted to maximise the older people who keep the legacy of Star Trekgoing on and wanted younger and a new variety of target audience. The targetaudience for Star Trek was similar to the target audience for iron man andtransformers which were other big blockbusters at the time. They wanted to capturethe attention to the target audience that are interested in movies such as the ones Ihave mentioned. Rather than target a discreet, receptive audience, Star Trek aimed toreach the maximum number of people possible, by casting the net far and wide. Inorder to convert non-Trekkies, the environments and formats for this campaignmirrored the awe-inspiring scale of the film, dominating the attention. As opposed tothe polarising nature of the series, this film aimed to appeal to everyone. Thereforethe media had to feature universally “cool” and iconic environments and the ability topromote talk ability.
  3. 3. The genre of this poster is best described as sci-fi. I know this because thebackground of the title includes a space ship. The man on the right is unique lookingcompared to the other two characters; he has more pointy ears which show theperson looking at this poster that he is probably an alien. The title of this film is StarTrek the future begins. The masthead suggests that it has got to do something aboutthe future and that it is a new beginning for Star Trek. It also indicates that it has gotsomething to do with a star and an adventure because of the title „Star Trek‟. Theenigma posed by the title is making the person looking at this poster wonder whathas made the future begin, if there is a reason as to why it has begun. The font of thelettering suggests that it is like futuristic because it‟s bold and the font is solid likealmost like a part of a space ship. The font is smaller than the image because theywanted people to see the image before the title because they didn‟t want people torecognise the legacy of Star Trek. The colour of the lettering signifies that it issomething similar to futuristic items such as space ships. The colour is very similarto the colour of metal with a hint of blue in the middle. The lettering looks 3D to makeit stand out more. The tagline underneath the masthead has got a simple font withwhite writing. It‟s simple and boring but stands out from the different shades of bluesand blacks in the background. The main colours are masculine. Different shades ofblues, black and greys are used. The design of the layout includes the full-bleedwhich includes 3 of the main characters. It‟s almost as if there is two parts of theposter, the full-bleed and the institutions which are separated from each other. Thefull-bleed in the poster is the 3 main characters. They are photographed in darkmasculine colours which co notates that it is targeted to males. The background ofthe full-bleed is white so that the characters stand out. Significant objects include themotorbike in front of the masthead. This co notates that they are trying to get awayfrom the legacy of Star Trek. The characters in the poster show that the one in themiddle is the leader because his image is bigger and the other two are in the back. Ithink that the other two characters show that they are his followers because they arebehind him. The facial expressions of the characters suggest that they are determinedbecause they look serious while looking towards the camera. The clothing theirwearing looks tight and black. The title and tagline work together to tell the personlooking at this that Star Trek has come back with a movie and it‟s a new beginning.The film seems to be about people that go out to space to do a mission with the helpof aliens. The appeal of this poster is to have a new beginning for Star Trek. Thisposter is effective in many ways at supporting the campaign‟s aims because it hasintroduced new characters and it‟s trying to get rid of the legacy of Star Trek bymaking it look more realistic unlike what they did for the previous movies of Star Trekwhere they had the full-bleed as a fictional/sci-fi creature.
  4. 4. At the beginning of the trailer, it shows a retro car for a retro feel. If sci-fi watch thebeginning of this they wouldn‟t want to watch it because it‟s retro and old. The car isalmost a way to show that they wanted to get rid of the legacy of Star Trek. The redcar conotates danger and is a unisex colour so both genders will be interested in this.The main character is shown which conveys the new cast. He is introduced and sayshis name which is James Kirk. The well-know character of Star Trek is shown as achild. This illustrates a new beginning, almost like it is starting again. It looks like anaction film to get rid of the sci-fi feel of the movie. It is set in a desert because itmakes the car with the character stand out more.
  5. 5. After the dessert scenes it shows the institutions of the movie. Paramount is shown,this illustrates that the movie is high budget movie. Another institution show is badrobot which is J.J Abrams‟ institution.After the institutions are shown, there is a bridge which separates the scenes in thedessert to the sci-fi scenes. The sci-fi scenes are more exciting compared to thescenes in the dessert. A voice over explains what is happening. The effects are verysci-fi.There are romance scenes shown to entice girls to go see the film.
  6. 6. This is the logo for Star Trek. They put this afterwards with the title because if theyput it in the beginning people wouldn‟t want to watch it because they will think it isgoing to be geeky.This trailer is effective in many ways at supporting the campaign‟s aims because itshows a new cast and it‟s a summary of what is going to happen in the movie.I think that the trailer makes me want to go see the movie more and is more effectivebecause it shows more of what is going to happen in the film and the quick cuts makeit exciting because it creates suspense and the main character is attractive. I thinkthat the film was a commercial success because the J.J Abrams is a well-knowndirector so people will know that it will be a good movie. Also, it is a new beginningfor Star Trek and people would want to see how much it has changed. Overall, themovie was commercially successful because it earned a big amount of money. Thebudget was an estimated $140,000,000 and the gross was $385,680,447 worldwide.