The Ultimate Intranet - Building an Interactive Destination Work Hub


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  • In the beginningQuick WinBuilding a VisionCurrent State AnalysisBuilding the PlanBuilding the teamAttention to Design/UXIterative DevelopmentBuilt to LastAdoption
  • Founding member of BuckeyeSPUG (COSPUG)Been working with SharePoint since 200515 years of IT experienceLead a team of 45 SharePoint consultantsProfessional Scrum MasterSix Sigma CertifiedSharePoint Saturday Speaker and OrganizerDog Food Conference Planning Committee
  • Consumers knew it was important to get a quick win since the first phase of iConnect was going to take months to deliver. This gave them an opportunity to accomplish a couple of things within the first 8 weeks of this processGet the executive team involvedShow valueRelease something to the rest of the organization to build credibility and build excitementHave a joint success between Corp Comm, IT and a new partner ICCThis provided Consumers with a great launching point for their achieving their future goalsImportance of a quick win “low hanging fruit”
  • So What was this quick win?Strategy Center is a microsite this is used to communicate Consumers strategic corporate messages as well as Leadership Blogs and videosThe CEO – John Russell supported this site and actively promoted it to his staff. It was launched at (an all employee meeting) to provide employees with a new way to engage the leadership team, provide transparency in the corporate strategy and share important information
  • Immediately following the launch of Strategy Center Consumers Energy and ICC began working on CE’s Enterprise RoadmapThis would lay the ground work for defining the long term vision of not only iConnect (The employee portal) but for SharePoint as an Enterprise Platform as well as ensuring that they had a plan to scale their infrastructure, governance and policies to support this evolving platform
  • The CIO’s vision was to have an employee portal that could support her IT vision ofAny Content, Anywhere, Any Device
  • We interview 32 Stakeholders across the entire organizationand then mapped the results over 22 Information Categories
  • Then we mapped the 22 information categories to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise capabilities by workloadAnd prioritized and ranked each requirements by a few factors:Alignment to strategic business objectiveTotal business impactComplexityTime & Cost to implement
  • Reviewed current custom solutions and Architecture to understand what would need to be addressed and in what phase in order to support the business requirements
  • All of this research and analysis provided us some keen insights into some of the obstacles we would face in implementing the vision for iConnectExamples of this included:Breaking down silos of informationEncouraging more organization transparencyChanging the way employees communicated and received information (mostly emails and hard copy)Transitioning from one social platform to another (moving from Yammer to NewsGator)Technical hurdles includingNetwork bandwidthMisalignment between the IT and Business regarding certain policies and goveranace guidelines
  • Employee collaborationConnecting across regions, LOBs, interestsOrganizational transparencyCapturing corporate knowledgeSharing corporate knowledgeIncrease productivityShare securelyAccelerate decision makingIdentify subject matter expertsSocial media connectionsManage unstructured dataKeep content fresh and relevantPredictable information structureSending corporate messagesDisparate workforceDisconnected workforceIncrease user adoptionIncrease senior leadership interactions
  • Built to Last – Consumers wanted to build an intranet not just to suit today’s needs but an intranet that could evolve as their business evolved. This initial phase was built with a long term goal in mind and with proper governance and design guidelines in place iConnect will continue to scale in features and functionality without loosing its brand message and information architecture.
  • Identify Key StakeholdersWe formed a Content Committee made up of Key Stakeholders from across the organization and some of their staffThis was headed up by a Business Project Manager aligned to the Corp Communications TeamThis team is responsible for content creation, determining the information architecture, design input, content pouring, training and adoption, providing input for governance guidelines, testing and training
  • CE needed to know what content they currently had then we determined what content would get: (including links, docs, text, images, videos, etc.)-moved-retired-refreshed
  • User Personas – New Employee
  • Information Architecture that allows for a personalized portal that allows for future growthOur CompanyOur CustomersNew & InfoMy TasksCollaborationLearning CenterSAPHelp MeStrategy Center
  • Wireframes where an important part of the process – this helps feed the final design
  • To build this highly interactive destination work hub we had to bring in a team of agile ninjas from both sides to deliver to the plan. The teams worked out of both Columbus Ohio and Jackson Michigan. Daily work was tracked on a team sprint board in the Columbus Ohio Development Center while the Jackson Michigan team worked collaboratively in the iConnect War Room – both team communicated often via webex, conference calls, daily standups, lync and onsite visits
  • Preferences PanelPersonal linksTargeted Alerts
  • I hope you found this to be interesting and useful.Thanks for coming.Wait for the applause to build….Let me just tell you how you can contact me, and then I’ll take questions.
  • Please fill out your surveys if you haven’t done so already and give them to Dan our debonaire room host
  • Founding member of BuckeyeSPUG (COSPUG)Been working with SharePoint since 200515 years of IT experienceLead a team of 45 SharePoint consultantsProfessional Scrum MasterSix Sigma CertifiedSharePoint Saturday Speaker and OrganizerDog Food Conference Planning Committee
  • The Ultimate Intranet - Building an Interactive Destination Work Hub

    1. 1. The Ultimate IntranetBuilding an Interactive Destination Work Hub Presented by:
    2. 2. Housekeeping• Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate.• If you must take a phone call, please do so in the hall so as not to disturb others.• Follow the Heartland Conference on Twitter @ICCSPC and hashtag #ICCSPC• Join us for BuckeyeSPUG at the Microsoft Office after the closing for a special presentation by MVP Christian Buckley and SharePint afterwards
    3. 3. Agenda• Introduction• Plan for Success• Design & UX – Don’t leave home without it!• Find a Trusted Partner• Demo• Conclusion
    4. 4. About Me Michelle Caldwell, PSM, SSGB SharePoint Delivery Manager @ ICC @shellecaldwell mcaldwell@iccohio.com4 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    5. 5. Getting Started
    6. 6. Quick Win
    7. 7. Enterprise Roadmap
    8. 8. Not Just “Any” Vision9 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    9. 9. 32 22
    10. 10. Platform Mapping Business Connectivity Services Ribbon UI InfoPath Form Services SharePoint Workspace External Lists SharePoint Mobile Workflow Office Client and Office Web App SharePoint Designer Integration Visual Studio Standards Support API Enhancements REST/ATOM/RSS Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings Social Bookmarking PerformancePoint Services Blogs and Wikis Excel Services My Sites Chart Web Part Activity Feeds Visio Services Profiles and Expertise Web Analytics Org Browser SQL Server Integration PowerPivot Enterprise Content Types Metadata and Navigation Social Relevance Document Sets Phonetic Search Multi-stage Disposition Navigation Audio and Video Content Types FAST Integration Remote Blob Storage Enhanced Pipeline List Enhancements11 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    11. 11. Review Current ArchitectureGovernance Alignment
    12. 12. Overcome the Obstacles Information Silos BandwidthSocial Media Shared Resources
    13. 13. Findings & RecommendationsSending Corporate Message Knowledge Management Accelerate
    14. 14. Planning for Success15 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    15. 15. Phased ApproachEarly Fall 2012 Pre-Planning Document Management Architectural Stabilization Retention Policy Automation - Including Alerts and Tracking Mobile Access to the Employee Portal Governance Alignment Expand Forms Center SearchableDatabase to CSM Phone Recordings Skills Customer from outside of the network Change Management Role Based Services ARIS Travel Condition Mobile Access from Personal Devices Overhaul – Transfer to SharePoint User subscribed content Company & Department content Public RecordsLibrary Geospatial analysis Acronym Request Process Audience Targeting File Share migration Fileshare to SharePoint migration “I Care” ProgramGIS Integration Portal Design Notes migration LotusMorning Media Update Notes to SharePoint migration Consistent Branding Document Scanning & Indexing Project Status Roll-Up Mobile Applications Replace EPIC and eLine Main PagePolicy Automation Retention Outage Management Work Intake Process Content Management FAST Search SAP Integration Special Interest Sites Migrate BTS Site “Downed Wire” Search Change Management Process Site Provisioning Tool Migrate Strategy Center“Gas Leak” Search Facilitate Training and Knowledge Transfer External System Links Systems Documentation Social Networking Multi-media Initiate Forms Center Internet Accessible Mobility – iPad, iPhone, Droid, BB
    16. 16. Built to Last
    17. 17. User PersonasThe intranet willsucceed only if there’ssomething there thateveryone needs – and ifit’s easy enough toaccess so that usersdon’t bail 20 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    18. 18. Information Architecture 21 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    19. 19. Framing our Future• Site Architecture on Display• Clarification of Features• Usability Front & Center• Ease of Growth• Iterative Process• Saves Time & Money• Proven Process 22 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    20. 20. 23 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    21. 21. Designing the Future24 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    22. 22. What’s My Name?25 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    23. 23. Agile Ninjas26 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    24. 24. 27 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    25. 25. Launch28 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    26. 26. Conclusion • Have a Plan • Design & User Experience • Have a trusted partner29 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    27. 27. Thank You30 © 2012, Information Control Corporation
    28. 28. 31 © 2012, Information Control Corporation
    29. 29. 32 © 2013, Information Control Corporation
    30. 30. About Me Michelle Caldwell, PSM, SSGB SharePoint Delivery Manager @ ICC @shellecaldwell mcaldwell@iccohio.com33 © 2013, Information Control Corporation