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Find out how to use simple innovation games to build better solution requirements for SharePoint projects. You will learn seriously fun ways to do work – Seriously! Learn how to tap into true innovation and discover new ideas. Come learn how to put your ideas into action.

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SPS Cincy 2012

  1. 1. SharePoint Saturday CincinnatiOctober 27, 2012Use Rainbows, Hot Tubs &Sailboat to Build BetterSharePoint SolutionsMichelle CaldwellICC
  2. 2. About MichelleMichelle CaldwellSharePoint Portfolio & Delivery Executive @ ICC @shellecaldwell linkedin.com/in/ michellecaldwell mcaldwell@iccohio.com
  3. 3. “Smarter conversations “Information and equals better products, Tactics are not assets it’s so f*&#@ing – Relationships and obvious”SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Conversations are.” -Hugh MacLeodOctober 27, 2012 -Mindmulch.net Gapingvoid.com “Start with getting better at collaboration to demonstrate software sooner.” -Dean StevensConversations Leadingagile.com
  4. 4. SharePoint Rocks!Disclaimer You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think so
  5. 5. So Why is it so hard?
  6. 6. IT and Business speak differentlanguages
  7. 7. Believe it of not –SharePoint Knows Nothing!
  8. 8. You need I want a an Wiki…. InfoPath Form You I want aneed TECH KPIBlogs FEATURES Dashboar d You need Nintex We need FAST
  9. 9. SharePoint is not the problem
  10. 10. What can we do?“Insanity is doing the same thing,over and over again, butexpecting different results.”― Albert Einstein“The world as we have created itis a process of our thinking. Itcannot be changed withoutchanging our thinking.”― Albert Einstein
  11. 11. Why is it so hard to get Goodrequirements?
  12. 12. Most Meetings are Unproductive• The Facts • The Affects• 11 million • 91% Daydreaming• 61.8 meetings a month • 96% Miss Meetings • 95% Miss parts of Meetings• 50% unproductive • 73% Bring other work to• 31 hours per month Meetings • 39% Fall Asleep
  13. 13. Why Games? Even Cats learn from games …games are, first and foremost, learning systems..- Learning Institute of Games
  14. 14. Elements of Serious Games Structured Rules Definite Purposeful outcome Time-bound Time boxed Success depends on Participatory everyone pitching in Even-handed and Unbiased impartial
  15. 15. ComparisonGamification Serious Games• FourSquare • Close Combat:• LinkedIn Marines• Gamify America • X-Plane• WII Fit • Steel Beasts• XBOX Live Professional• GetGlue • Ship Simulator• Mint • Microsoft Flight Simulator• Shopkick
  16. 16. Game Design EXPLOR OPEN CLOSE
  17. 17. Serious Games are Not Serious Games Gamification Brainstorming Simulation eLearning Role-playing
  18. 18. Where can I find out more?
  19. 19. Sample List• 20/20 Vision • Speed Boat – Sail Boat• Buy a Feature • Spider Web• Give Them a Hot Tub • Start Your Day – “Hot Tub Time • The Apprentice Machine” • Low Tech Social• Me and My Shadow Network• Product Box • Remember the Future • Show and Tell• Prune the Product Tree
  20. 20. Innovation Games Samples Rainbow Speed Boat Hot Tub 35 © 2012, Information Control Corporation
  21. 21. Who Uses Innovation Games
  22. 22. Let’s Play• Sailboat – Speedboat• This game is used to assess the current situation
  23. 23. Recommended use for this game • Identify what is wrong with your existing products and services • Identify what customers like about the existing product or services**This innovation game has been slightly modified fromthe original Speed boat game
  24. 24. Let’s Play• Hot Tub• Team provides feedback on outrageous features to establish what is truly essential
  25. 25. Recommended use of this game Transform seemingly Outrageous feature requests into true product or service innovation
  26. 26. Let’s Play• Requirements Rainbow• Teams work together to refine requirements
  27. 27. Recommended use of this game Requirements refinement and/or audit
  28. 28. Looking Back…………. Analysis is broken Step Away from the questionnaires! We don’t know what we don’t know………. And if you don’t know what the need is how can you solve it? Requirements aren’t tech features
  29. 29. Questions & Evals
  30. 30. ScarePintRight here at the UC Bearcat Loungeimmediately following the closingsessionGenerously sponsored by
  31. 31. Thanks To Our Sponsors
  32. 32. References• http://innovationgames.com/• http://www.instituteofplay.org/about/conte xt/why-games-learning/• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innovation_ga me