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Reports Reveal Adverse Effects of Surgical Mesh in Women Worldwide


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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a pelvic floor disorder that is marked by the dropping of one or more pelvic organs (bladder, uterus and rectum), is an extremely common female problem affecting more than 30 million women worldwide, according to global statistical reports. More inputs here:

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Reports Reveal Adverse Effects of Surgical Mesh in Women Worldwide

  2. 2. Pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a pelvicfloor disorder that is marked by thedropping of one or more pelvic organs(bladder, uterus and rectum), is anextremely common female problemaffecting more than 30 million womenworldwide, according to globalstatistical reports. It may not be asurprising notion if womenthroughout the globe, when offeredthe promise of possible remedy fromthe pain and discomfort of POP, maydecide to undergo surgical therapywhich may involve the use of bladdermesh implants.
  3. 3. POP, as well as another related problem known as stressurinary incontinence (SUI), reportedly account for no lessthan 13,000 surgical mesh implants annually used to treatwomen in the United Kingdom, according to UKgovernment statistics. POP, including a common bladderproblem called stress urinary incontinence (SUI),reportedly account for more than 13,000 surgicalprocedures with surgical mesh performed in the UnitedKingdom yearly, UK government statistics shows. Althoughthere has been a fewer number of adverse event reportsassociated with surgical mesh used in the treatment ofSUI, early studies have reportedly revealed cases ofadverse events in about 200 surgical procedures for thetreatment of POP.
  4. 4. It has also been estimated that about 20,000 women sufferingfrom POP in Australia may have received a surgical meshimplant, according to online media reports. While manyAustralian women may have benefited from their surgeries, asignificant number of recipients have also complained ofexperiencing life-changing harm from these medical devices. Infact, medical device mogul, Johnson & Johnson in Australia, isreportedly facing surgical mesh class action lawsuits in thecountry.Thousands of women in Canada, who may have received a bladdermesh implant, have also been reportedly moving forward withserious complaints concerning the adverse effects of surgicalmesh, online news reports. Most of these women complained ofinfections, enduring pain, and experiencing mesh erosion — acomplication in which pieces of mesh perforate or punctureinternal organs. Some of them have been reported to travel pastthe border into the United States to have their surgical meshimplants removed.
  5. 5. Surgical mesh implants have hammock-like structures designed to shore upprotruding or falling pelvic organs in women, medical experts say. However, despitetheir benefits, these medical devices have been reportedly associated with mountingcomplaints concerning their safety. In fact, the United States Food and DrugAdministration also reported more than 1,500 mesh-related adverse event reportsbetween 2008 and 2010, harboring a slew of bladder mesh injury cases across thecountry. Click on this link for added information about bladder mesh and relatedissues.Sources: