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Human services yearbook


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Published in: Education
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Human services yearbook

  1. 1. First Day of College Its the first day of school, Its a new beginning. College is full of unknown rules, That makes my head start spinning. Im learning what I want to learn. A step forward towards my dreams. A future that I can discern, Is just across that river streams One Year I will spend here, For the future I have planned. For my future career, My knowledge, Ill expand. And when my time here is done, I will look back here with pride. Ill remember the day it has began,As I move forward with a heart untried.
  2. 2. An Instructor for All Seasons An Instructor is like Spring, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads them, Whenever they have doubts. An Instructor is like Summer, Whose sunny temperament Makes studying a pleasure, Preventing discontent. An Instructor is like Fall, With methods crisp and clear, Lessons of bright colors And a happy atmosphere. An Instructor is like Winter, While its snowing hard outside, Keeping students comfortable, As a warm and helpful guide. Tammy, Scott, Peter & Jim you do all these things, With a pleasant attitude;Youre instructors for all seasons, And you have my gratitude!
  3. 3. Graduation Song We’re graduating Friendships unbroken Into our future, Are what we made here; Anticipating Though words aren’t spoken, Only the best. Feelings are strong.Spreading our wings now, Memories we treasureWe’ll do great things now, Tie us together, Meet every challenge, Recalling pleasure Pass every test. All our lives long. We’ll overcome what- We’re thankful for our ever life hands us, Good education;Use what we learned here Our school and teachers For our success. Are second to none. We’ll bloom wherever Wed like to give them Our journey lands us, Appreciation; Reaching our goal of We learned a lot, and Sweet happiness. We thank everyone.
  4. 4. Name: Kyle HemphillSpouse/Significant Other Courtney WheelanChildren: NAAmbition: To rock out and be “The Boss”Philosophy: Wiggle wiggle YEAH!!Activities: Paintballing, fishing, 4 wheelingFavorite Saying: Like a BossPracticum Placement(s): CIEVABirthday: May 10 19889Most Memorable Moments In Class Having gym class again!Most Unfavorable Moments In Class Sitting for 8 hours a dayReflection On Year Can’t wait to get done and get out of here but When I’m done I will want to be back hereName: Jerika ArsenaultSpouse/Significant OtherChildren: NAAmbition:Philosophy:Activities:Favorite Saying:Practicum Placement(s):Birthday:Most Memorable Moments In ClassMost Unfavorable Moments In ClassReflection On Year
  5. 5. Name: Cheyenne BellSpouse/Significant Other JasonChildren: NAAmbition: I want to work somewhere with childrenPhilosophy: Life my life day by dayActivities: Sing, Work with horsesFavorite Saying: Curiosity killed the catPracticum Placement(s): HeartstringsBirthday: November 29 1993Most Memorable Moments In Class When naked man put on clothesMost Unfavorable Moments In Class Getting in front of the class to do presentationsReflection On Year Lots of work and longName: Jaymee-Lynne DowellSpouse/Significant Other NAChildren: Aiden DowellAmbition: To work with the Mentally DisabledPhilosophy: You get what you giveActivities: Playing with the boyFavorite Saying: I think they need a punch in the facePracticum Placement(s): Hawthorne PlaceBirthday: September 13 1990Most Memorable Moments In Class Breaking my toe on a soft ballMost Unfavorable Moments In Class DHS TestReflection On Year All in all had a great year and am happy to have Completed this course
  6. 6. Name: Laura SpikeSpouse/Significant Other NAChildren: Meredith SpikeAmbition: To graduate and get a jobPhilosophy: Screw’emActivities: Spending time with my daughterFavorite Saying: F***’emPracticum Placement(s): Sanctuary HouseBirthday: December 5 1978Most Memorable Moments In Class Last day before Christmas break and practicumMost Unfavorable Moments In Class Going to classReflection On Year LongName: Matt EsteySpouse/Significant Other AlyChildren: NAAmbition: Be Awesome/Social WorkerPhilosophy: NAActivities: Work On CarsFavorite Saying: NAPracticum Placement(s): Fresh BeginningsBirthday: August 20 1989Most Memorable Moments In Class NAMost Unfavorable Moments In Class TestsReflection On Year It was a long year, huge difference from construction and I’m glad I took this class
  7. 7. Name: Morgan Mariah Kelly Spouse/Significant Other Jason Demerchant Children: Sophia Kelly Marie Ambition: To be a great person and to help people Philosophy: You only live once Activities: Playing with my girl, my man, 4 wheeling, ski dooing, fish with my friends and family Favorite Saying: Oh my god, lets go for a smoke Practicum Placement(s): Florenceville Elementary, Skiddle Club Daycare/Preschoo Birthday: July 22 1991 Most Memorable Moments In Class All the drama ha ha ha Most Unfavorable Moments In Class Becoming friends with Amanda.....jk Reflection On Year I had a great year, I met a lot of wonderful people but very grateful it is overName: Natalie GreerSpouse/Significant Other Ethan SewellChildren: Crystal & TrintonAmbition: NAPhilosophy: It is what it isActivities: Love spending time with family and friendsFavorite Saying: Let’s just get it done and get the heck out of herePracticum Placement(s): Carleton ManorBirthday: December 29 1371Most Memorable Moments In Class All the humor in the classMost Unfavorable Moments In Class All the homework and testsReflection On Year We all came here for the same reason, and left with the same knowledge
  8. 8. Name: Sarah DewittSpouse/Significant Other AlexChildren: Edith –Mairie & JustinAmbition: Give my kids the best life I can on my ownPhilosophy: Wake up full of awesomeActivities: Eat, sleep, drink a lot of coffeeFavorite Saying: You can preach till you are blue in the face, But when you’re lying in the gutter nobody is going to listenPracticum Placement(s): Southern Victoria High SchoolBirthday: July 10 1986Most Memorable Moments In Class Trying to put Matt in a control lock and having him Pick me upMost Unfavorable Moments In Class Every test I have writtenReflection On Year A lot happened yes sir Name: Sarah Jordan-Wilson Spouse/Significant Other Brian Wilson Children: Leanne, Hannah, Connor, Penny, Aaron Ambition: To make a difference in someone’s life Philosophy: What goes around comes around Activities: Learning about each person in class Favorite Saying: I’m going to kill you Practicum Placement(s): First Nations Reserve Birthday: May 12 1971 Most Memorable Moments In Class Naked man in window opposite classroom windo Most Unfavorable Moments In Class Test taking Reflection On Year Finding new friend which hopefully will be Life long
  9. 9. Name: Sherri Dumas Spouse/Significant Other Jeff Dumas Children: Devon, Logan, Dawson Ambition: To be the best mom I can be Philosophy: Be true to yourself Activities: Anything to do with my boys, gardening, baking, reading Favorite Saying: It is what it is Practicum Placement(s): VON Health Baby & Me Birthday: May 1 Most Memorable Moments In Class Study dates and random chats thru text during class Most Unfavorable Moments In Class Lunch dates and time spent outside of class Reflection On Year Its been tough by times and tougher at other timesName: Josh JonesSpouse/Significant Other Chelsey ArsenaultChildren: NAAmbition: To produce MusicPhilosophy: Tupac ShakurActivities: Mixed martial arts, outdoor, activities musicFavorite Saying: Although life is complicated, it’s only what you make itPracticum Placement(s): Southern CarletonBirthday: March 12 1988Most Memorable Moments In Class Fishing trips with my old manMost Unfavorable Moments In Class Going into a test unpreparedReflection On Year It was a great year, it went by very quickly but we had fun and leanred alot
  10. 10. Name: Tammy MilburySpouse/Significant Other NAChildren: NAAmbition: To be all I can bePhilosophy: Live and let liveActivities: Bugging people, reading, painting, old moviesFavorite Saying: Arrgh – my email won’t workPracticum Placement(s): CIEVABirthday: December 18 1969Most Memorable Moments In Class Getting accepted into the courseMost Unfavorable Moments In Class Not reallyReflection On Year It has been a learning experience and you can teach an old dog new tricks Name: Karin Rieland Spouse/Significant Other D***head Children: Two Ambition: To secure fulltime Philosophy: Karma’s a B**** Activities: Laughing Favorite Saying: Good Morning Practicum Placement(s): Hartland Community School Birthday: July Most Memorable Moments In Class Getting to know people’s boundaries Most Unfavorable Moments In Class Coming to school Reflection On Year Hard, learned more about my own biases
  11. 11. Name: Candice Ashley Marie BrowseSpouse/Significant Other Adam BustardChildren: Cameron & Kael BustardAmbition: To help in any way I canPhilosophy: Be the change you wish to see in the worldActivities: Playing with my kids, photography, movies, being with family and friendsFavorite Saying: Yeah buddyPracticum Placement(s): Centennial Elementary, Fresh BeginningsBirthday: December 11 1985Most Memorable Moments In Class Too many to countMost Unfavorable Moments In Class Prefer not to discloseReflection On Year I learned alot about myself and Human Services this year, I feel like I’ve grown 5 years in knowledge and 10 in experience. It’s been a wonderful adventure Name: Mary Estabrook-LeMaitre Spouse/Significant Other Frank LeMaitre Children: Ashley, James-Robert, Franklin & Sonya (stepchildren) Ambition: To put my knowledge to use to help others Philosophy: Everything happens for a purpose and a reason even if we don’t know it at the time Activities: Movies Favorite Saying: Practicum Placement(s): Riverside Court, Centennial Elementary School Birthday: November 25 1963 Most Memorable Moments In Class All the great times of laughter and debates Most Unfavorable Moments In Class Tests Reflection On Year It has been a great year met alot of great people learned mountains of information but in the end glad the year is done
  12. 12. Define Yourself You are a part of all that surrounds you. Celebrate your connection to life as you step into the future. Your abilities can take you to the top, but it is your character that will keep you there.Build your character well for it is the foundation of your being.The adversities you will face will not build your character - they will reveal it. Unlock your potential. Every moment has a hidden gift. Discover. Dream.You will create your tomorrows by what you dream today. Dreams are the touchstones of your character. Imagine the unimaginable. This is your time. This is your life. Seize the moment. Delight in your youth. Life is your canvas and no one can paint it but you. Inside you is the key to everything you can imagine and more. Learn from yesterday, live for today. You are the hope for tomorrow.