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A dvd video rent store


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A dvd video rent store

  1. 1. A DVD video rent store
  2. 2. Key partnerships: Film distribution companies; Film producers; Game producers; the suppliers of soda, popcorn, candies and chewing gums;
  3. 3. Key Activities: To contact the distributors of films, games, and other complimenting products like candies, drinks and so on; To create a catalogue of every film in the store according to the genre, the director, the year of releasing; To create a monthly booklets or leaflets with new films and games; To distribute a catalogue and a leaflets to constant clients via mail or email; To provide 24 hour rental service; Services to help to rent DVD equipment and to clean DVDs; To install a DVD vending machine; To develop advanced customer relation management system;
  4. 4. Key Activities: To develop the video-on-demand system for customers; To consider and implement the marketing strategy to promote and advertize the store at the initial period of work; To organize the movie club where customers can meet and discuss or even watch films together;
  5. 5. Key Resources: To rent a store; To hire a cashier for 24 hours; To hire some part-time employers who are going to consult customers about films, games and who are going to be responsible for filling the shelves and adding new films to the catalogues; To make contracts with the games, film producers and distributors as well as the distributors or producers of all complimenting products;
  6. 6. Value Propositions: The proximity of the store allows users to access easily a wide variety of films, games to enjoy; Customers have a chance to use a DVD vending machine; Potential customers can use a DVD-on-demand system; To buy some complimenting products like drinks, popcorn or candies; To rent some DVD equipment; To clean DVDs; Clients can join the Movie Club where they can spend enjoyable time watching or discussing some films or videos;
  7. 7. Customer Relations: To promote in the local area through local newspapers, radio stations, TV, handing out leaflets with some price reduction or discounts coupons; To set up a customer relation management system which is going to record customer preferences as well as advise on some other videos of the same genre or which have been created by the same director; the clients will get a chance to get free booklets or catalogues of new films and videos via mail or email; To develop and implement the system of discount for constant clients; To develop and distribute membership cards which can provide a monthly, annual or lifetime membership; To provide a chance for customers to take part in different campaigns organized by the store;
  8. 8. Channels: To deliver through a cashier 24 hours;
  9. 9. Customer segment: People who live nearby and who are fond of films, games; The Store are going to offer videos and DVDs connected with the various hobbies that people have like gardening, design, knitting; People, who want to learn foreign languages, are able to rent some DVDs with the educational programs and original videos in different languages;
  10. 10. Cost Structure: Tech infrastructure; The layout of the store; Rents of the store; Team of the store; Copyrights payments; Costs to produce catalogues and booklets;
  11. 11. Revenue Streams: Rents paid by customers; Profits from selling complimenting products; Fines for late returns of DVDs; Revenue from renting DVD equipment and DVD cleaning;