Affiliate Starter Instruction


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A starter tip for the affiliate begginers.

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Affiliate Starter Instruction

  1. 1. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 1 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG. “Blog website makes me known to google search engine”. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  2. 2. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 2 What You Will Learn Here? CHAPTER 1. The 3 Ways How To Have A Stand Up Affiliate Blog BONUS - Additional Revenue Tips - MLM DomainSecrets 5 Instruments Where You Can Capture New Leads To Your Website CHAPTER 2. Automatic Follow Up BONUS - Conversion Tracker Image - How to Compose Effective Meta-Tags - TrAFfIC BoOStErS - How to create an effective signature file! - Examples to effective signature file ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  3. 3. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 3 CHAPTER 1. The 3 Ways How To Have A Stand Up Affiliate Blog. 1. Register Your own Website Many company just tell you to promote your affiliate link but they never tell you about How important can be a website to promote your affiliate links. Now people spam every friends walls and everywhere post, crapy emails… WHY website, What are the advantages of website? Keep your affiliate link in place - if you are affiliate you are able to promote your links just anything you want. Makes your blog personalized- your blog is at home not scatter just anywhere else. You are the boss -means you can talk what ever topic you want. Nobody will tell you “hey you spammer do not through your GG link on my site, wall, etc. Good content blog makes you on top to search engine It gives you, your link a credibility ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  4. 4. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 4 People recognizes you through you blog. -if people find that you are right and relevant about your blog, they will subscribe to your blog. The goal is to point back the traffic and sales to your website blog links. To bring money to your time investment. BUDGET BUSINESS? High Traffic, Low competition, you can have in free. Total beginner or seasoned marketer? It does not matter. Service-seller, vendor of hard goods, or perhaps you rent out goods or services? It does not matter There are 2 website builder I can refer you.Back in 2009 I started building website with SBI. Thanks, SBI I have thebasic foundation of purpose website. Teaching how to in CTPM and niche-oriented content.SBI have genuine education in terms of building your site. -good to peoplelove to study and people who is the initial investment is time. -$ 29.99/per ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  5. 5. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 5 month. They have more cheaper price for 1 year subscription. Time-pressed?…………………?????Yolasite- which I started for free 3 years ago. Then upgraded when I decidedto have my domain name. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  6. 6. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 6 5 Instruments Where You Can Capture New Leads To Your Website: #1. ContentFree content is always appealing to potential customers. Most customersspend a lot of time researching their purchases before making a decision. Bybeing the source of useful content, and simplifying the research process –you’ll improve your businesses profile during their decision process. BONUS: Additional Revenue Tips: How many of you here already have existing website?I am using Infolinks on your website? I’m using it to earn some revenue ofclicks. After an effortless integration process, Infolinks automatically insertshighly relevant In-Text ads into your website’s content, leading to recordhigh conversion rates.Each time your website visitors click on an In-Text ad, you get paid. Youearn actually indirectly in the advertisers, in short you get the revenue, andmake highest revenue share offer.The more clicks on your In-Text ads, the higher the revenue you earn.Therefore, making all your viewed pages with optimized Infolinks integratedcan maximized your earnings, and your result.Publishers by means is creating content website, an info website.Advertising is not for publishers genetically, except if the publisher it self isselling his own product, or aim a website with selling purpose. What I’msaying is, if you are a website owner with domain name you are a publisherand we publisher is earning from advertisers. See for yourself the this likelyhelps your revenue. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  7. 7. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 7Base on my experience the longer your blog site is the greater revenue youwill get. - this principle works mostly in many cases just like antique, box!more older box it can grow more value.I also use google ad sense as well, So its really up to you… #2. NewslettersNewsletters are a great way to ensure you’re regularly in front of yourpotential customers. If you pitch your newsletter as a key source of news,tips or deals, you’ll increase your chances of sign up. Once they’re on yourmailing list, it gives you more opportunities to promote your services tothem during the buying process. #3. Quotes, Appraisals or ReportsFears around costs, what’s involved, how it works etc. are some of thebiggest barriers to purchase. By offering potential customers with freeappraisals, quotes or preliminary reports, you remove significant barriers tothem using your services. #4. Social MediaAlmost everyone is engaged in social media these days. So social mediashould is now an important lead capture strategy. By getting potentialcustomers to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, PINterest, (through a goodincentive), you can continue to promote your expertise or services to themvia one of their most engaged communication channels. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  8. 8. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 8 #5. Free tools or softwareEveryone loves free tools, software or apps (assuming they’re useful).Offering these for free is a great way to capture potential leads and moreimportantly prove the value of your company before they spend any money,which overcomes another major barrier to purchase – “fear of an unknownbusiness”.So there you have it. These are the 5 approaches that we’ve found to workwell. Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list, its just the strategies that haveworked for you. 2. Register a Domain Name - Give the name of your web. - Just like a Man marrying a woman. You have settled your blogs to your website give it name to people to remember. - One domain for a start is very good enough to monitor and follow the improvement One of the most known domain store is GODADDY the have very good customer service that you can refer in asking complicated questions. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  9. 9. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 9 ------ as I promised you can download this ebook that helps you sort out you chosen domain. This is a part of the course that I attend last March 21, 2010 which I pay $88.95. BONUS: MLM Domain Secrets Godaddy This is your homework, be sure to read before choosing your domain name! 3. Write what you learn. BLOG IT! - What you has just learn might the answer to the to the people who ask the search engine Google. Based on my experience, A niche site attracts highly targeted visitors... pre-customers who you can win over through the delivery of Content.niche-oriented content. Content is the core of any great online business. The niche is part of your relevant content of your blog. It serve as your motor to run top to search engine with out advertising. The motor is common called ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  10. 10. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 10 traffic. Important Note: Pay attention! DO YOU KNOW THAT TOO MUCH TRAFFIC CAN ALSO WORK AGAINST YOU? Yes you herd me right. Advertising your affiliate link via advetisements and PPC just for traffic will only continue loss money. WHY? A good question! too much traffic with out capturing leads can work against us affiliates. Visitors may visit and drive traffic to your blogsite, but most of those visitors already know the official website of the company you are promoting, there are case that they prefer purchase directly to the company. Understand that this is the normal affiliates risk and always part of it. The information VALUE The information which the affiliates provide the costumer may attract the visitor/costumer to sign up on your affiliate link. The sign up comes actually from the valued information you provide them and they develop trust. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  11. 11. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 11 NOW I want to talk about value… what does really mean value? Most people mistakenly think that (MONEY = VALUE) is that it? NO Value means Capital to us business leaders , Marketers, affiliates, …And , There more than capital1. Time2. Desperation3. Determination4. Courage.5. Ambition6. Faith7. Ingenuity8. Heart and Soul9. PersonalitySo I you have any of that, you have value, you have capital which people seek in yourbusiness there fore they join you…! ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  12. 12. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 12 CHAPTER 2. Automatic Follow Up People might be very interested, but only 1 out of 10 will immediately takeaction. So make representations follow up to give sufficient informantion. Inreality people do not just drop you $$$$ if they do not see its worth. -pre teach also work in this case: if they knows how to use the product that you are promoting they likely buy too. Automatically follow up with the opt-ins to convert them to customers. Once the person fills out your lead-capture form, you can use powerful marketing automation technology to begin to follow up with your new opt-ins. For example, you send a series of e-mails in this order that read along these lines:- Immediately confirm their request, and deliver your "magnet."- Send another educational, value message that creates value.- Discuss the problems your offering helps prospects to overcome.- Present an offer that relates to the conversation in prior messages.- Deliver even more value, and follow up on the special offer. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  13. 13. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 13 BONUS:Considering making your traffic by blogs to any what so ever you are doing.Any thing that you already marketing, affiliating, selling. Come take anoverview what is new of getting extra-ordinary results less expensive trafficmachine. The Ray Higdons Pro Blog Academy brings you a SEO pluginsuggestions, lots of straight pointer to attain high traffic you have wished. Inhis course have 4 modules, in these modules you will learn the gamemasterpiece: Advanced Marketing Strategies For Maximum Profits, Traffic.And my favorate most is the BONUS: He has given You Lead Magnetsvideos.Are you selling any products for the first time?To bring new visitors to your site, one of the best methods is to use searchengine marketing.Statistics show search engines are used to find 81% of web sites comparedto people typing in the URL directly or clicking on a URL via email.Millions of people search for sites through the top 5 search engines everyday. Places to, Put ads on, Microsoft Ad Network ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  14. 14. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 14Microsoft Ad Center, More Microsoft AdvertisingYahoo Small Business, Put ads on, and others BONUS: Technical tips Conversion Tracker ImageDo you have a "Google Conversion Tracker Code"?Or other outside system for tracking Conversions?For Security reasons, we cannot allow JavaScript, but we can put aConversion Tracker Image on your website!Find the code that looks like this:<noscript> <img height=1 width=1 border=0src=""></noscript>Copy out the URL and paste it to your website:You have no Conversion Tracker Image on filePut your URL like this:<img height=1 width=1 border=0src="http://www."> ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  15. 15. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 15 How to Compose Effective Meta-TagsMeta-Tags are very important to make your website stand out in searchengine listings. Sample TagsYour Title Tag:A successful program to build wealth online that takes very little money tostart.Keywords Meta Tag:<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="audio course, continuingeducation online, distance education, distance education web learning,webucated, webucation, work at home">Description Meta Tag:<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="A Home-Based Business in anExploding Growth Industry!"> TRAFFIC BOOSTERS1. BannersIn my experience banner advertising is more expensive and has a lower ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  16. 16. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 16"Click Through" rate than newsletter advertising. I do not recommend, butincase you have a good result about banner ads you can share it to the meand the team. About how you do that.2. Traffic ExchangesA Traffic Exchange is a network of user-submitted websites, squeeze pages,and splash pages that allows webmasters to promote products and services to like-minded marketers. The user has to browse other user-submitted sites on the exchange to earn credits -- credits enable your submitted sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. If a user does not have the time or patience to surf through numerous websites to earn credits, they also have the ability to purchase credits -- prices vary dependent on the Exchanges credit ratio.1. AdFly2. EasyHits4U3. HitsBoosterPro4. HitSilo5. Sweeva6. ThumbVu7. TopTierTraffic8. TrafficDynamite9. Traffic-Splash10. TrafficSwirl11. WebBizInsiderNow, I do not promote or endorse any one Traffic Exchange over the others,this only a suggestion to help you get trafic. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  17. 17. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 17 How to create an effective signature file!The most effective signature files are made up of 4 key items as follows:1) They are short and list a benefit first (your contact information can comelater as prospects are most interested in the benefits not you).2) They provide an added bonus or reason for someone to take actionimmediately.3) They have an actual link someone can click on to either send you an emailor go directly to your web site.4) They provide your contact information. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  18. 18. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 18Lets address each item individually as follows1) The first line of is considered as the heading. The heading must grab thereaders attention immediately or they will go elsewhere! You want to list abenefit immediately to grab their attention and its best to only list 1 majorbenefit. Too many benefits can confuse the reader.Headings that use a question or use the phrase Learn how to work well. Ifyou use a question for a heading, you want to ask a question that demands ayes response. For example, "Are you tired of too much month at the end ofyour paycheck?" or "Would you like to have more quality time with yourloved ones?" REMEMBER: When using the phrase "Learn how to", you want to list something that people want and follow it with a benefit. For example, many people want to lose weight or have more time with their loved ones. Examples of headings with "Learn how to" followed by a benefit are as follows:"Learn how to lose weight easily and enjoy the process" or"Learn how to have more time with your loved ones while working less!" Another way to make a "Learn how to" phrase effective is to give specific numbers in your ad. It is best NOT to use round numbers like 5 or 10. You MUST make sure that ANY numbers you use are realistic. Any false advertisement can have severe consequences so when in doubt, do NOT overstate any numbers. ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  19. 19. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 19Examples of great headings with the phrase Learn how to followed byspecific numbers are as follows:"Learn how to lose 3 inches in 13 days or less!""Learn how to have an extra 47 minutes with your loved ones every day!"Another great way to enhance a heading is to use a guarantee. Specificallyits better to offer a Better than money back guarantee rather than a moneyback guarantee. After all, which would you prefer?To offer a Better than money back guarantee you want to find FREEgiveaways to give your prospects in addition to the products you offer. Makesure the FREE giveaways you offer have a high perceived value. If someoneisnt satisfied with your products, then refund their money in full and allowthem to keep the FREE giveaways. It is critical that you MUST providewhatever you offer and clarify your offer when someone contacts you.More Example(s) of a headline with a Better than money back guaranteeare as follows: "Lose 3 inches in 22 days or receive more than your moneyback!""Have more energy in just 8 days better than money back guarantee!" 2) In step 2, you want to provide an added bonus or reason for someone to take action immediately. Therefore, you might say something such as:"And receive valuable FREE gifts immediately" or"And receive valuable FREE gifts immediately just for looking" ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  20. 20. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 20"And learn how to make FREE long distance calls" or"And learn how to save thousands on your taxes"Make sure that your bonus does NOT confuse your prospects by offeringsomething that is completely different than your heading. For example, ifyour heading talks about losing weight or having more energy, use thegeneral statement "And receive valuable FREE gifts immediately just forlooking" (dont use learn how to save thousands on your taxes). If yourheading mentions a benefit like owning your own business, then savingthousands on your taxes would be appropriate.3) Step 3 to an effective signature file is to direct someone where to go.Specifically, when directing them to your web site you will want to say thefollowing and include the "http://" as this will create a link that someone canclick on and go immediately to your web site:"Go to" or"Click on" 4) Step 4 is to include your contact information. Keep it short and make it easy for someone to reach you. When using a phone number its best to use an 800 number if you advertise outside of your local area. Also, its best to use some type of phone service (voice mail system) than can follow you if you are frequently on the go.Examples of step 4 are as follows: Contact Mary at 0048-796827287 or Mjredillas@aol.comCall Mary at 0048-796827287 or email at Mjredillas@aol.comFollow the 4 steps to an effective signature file and make sure you do NOT ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  21. 21. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 21ever mislead anyone.You may want to bold and even add 1 color to key words to attract someones attention. Do NOT use more than 1 color as it defeats the purpose. Alsousing ALL caps does not work as well. You can capitalize a word likeFREE that is effective at grabbing someones attention.Sample(s)Would you like to enjoy more quality time with your loves ones? Receivevaluable FREE gifts immediately just for looking! Go Your name, phone number, email addresshereLearn how to Lose weight quickly, and ENJOY the process! Receivevaluable FREE gifts immediately just for looking! Go Your name, phone number, email addresshereLearn how to lose 3 inches in 13 days or less! Receive valuable FREE giftsimmediately just for looking! Go to Yourname, phone number, email address here. SUMMARY: 3 ways basic which is a MUST to have a stand up blog site. 1. Register your own website 2. Register a domain name ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS
  22. 22. 3 WAYS HOW TO HAVE A STAND UP AFFILIATE BLOG 22 3. Write what you learn BLOG IT! The End Take steps to An affiliate blog site that earns you and your family a holiday vacation all your life. GOOD LUCK! For the tips and blogs of Mary Josette Redillas, Visit her affiliate blogsite WWW.MARYJOSETTE.COM ©By: MARY JOSETTE REDILLAS