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Initial training session


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Used to triain teachers new to the Lexia software

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Initial training session

  1. 1. Howard-Suamico SchoolsInitial Training Session March 5, 2012
  2. 2. Moving Through the Program Grade 4 to Adult
  3. 3. Level Correlations
  4. 4. Maximum Potential
  5. 5. Student AccessThe Lexia software needs to be “pushed” to individual computers. It is not web-based (exception for teacher access). Greatest success has been on computer lab computers, teacher workstations, full size laptops and the base computer of the Extendas. Minis can be used, but may freeze or experience delays.
  6. 6. Student SoftwareAutomatic Placement TestFirst time a “NEW to Lexia” student log-ins using their unique log-in information.Icon on the desktop or under Network ApplicationsGenerally takes less than 10 minutes.Click on the icon to the right to see a tutorial.Students may begin student activities immediately after the AP test, time permitting. Click on picture to activate screencast.
  7. 7. Student View – The Towers Teacher Tip: As you become more familiar with the activities, have the student show you his towers before shutting down. It is a quick way to determine if he is having difficulty with a unit without going through the teacher access site.
  8. 8. Activities (5 minutes) Note: The student should Performance Information Repeat NOT press the stop icon audio. before the GO icon appears. The tower will not fill in for that activity until he completes it. Click on picture to activate screencast.
  9. 9. Activities by Level – What are the students doing? Access to activity descriptions at each level:1. 2. Click on icon for tutorial. (1 minute) 3. Dropdown menu
  10. 10. Teacher Accesswww.mylexia.comWe are working on establishing consistent teacher usernames and passwords. Forest Glen teachers use email address and first four of first and last name (Exceptions: those who attended Lexia-sponsored training.)
  11. 11. Home Page Click on picture to activate screencast.
  12. 12. Reports Click on picture to activate screencast.
  13. 13. Resources Smartboard, too. Click on picture to activate screencast.
  14. 14. Helpful Hints – learned from experience Silent E Activities Tap the Vowelsbag, flag, rag – some dialect Don’t click stop until the stopconsiderations (silent e) and go signs both appear.Shoot for 30 minutes to get Yellow dots – headphone20-25 of usage. splitters. Sometimes the directions are an issue.
  15. 15. Closer Look at the ReportsHome Page (combined report)
  16. 16. Closer Look at the Reports Home Page Pt. 2 (combined report)
  17. 17. Question and Answer – What is giving you “yellow dots”?Scheduling and Eligibility – The 16 th log-in will be denied access. Q. and A. Exploration Time: Teacher: username: password: success Student Login – Desktop username: Lexia password: Lexia
  18. 18. Thank You for ComingReminder: My Learning Plan Mark CompleteQuestions:Email: