PDEC ID in the Browser W3C Presentation


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Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium presentation for the W3C event at Mozilla MV. The event was about ID in the Browser and what the considerings for that were.

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PDEC ID in the Browser W3C Presentation

  1. 1. Tools for Users to Manage Personal Data for Identity in the Browser Mary Hodder Chair, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium maryhodder@personaldataecosystem.org & Kaliya Hamlin, Executive Director PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEM
  2. 2. IDEAS FOR USER CENTRICITY * Anonymity and pseudonymity * Multiple Personae * Being seen, watched and stalked * Personal Data Services PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEMPDEC is a kind of trade org...is about userʼs having the right to manage their personal data. We donʼt currently have that inthis country, but technically 40 startups and companies are working toward a personal dataecosystem.And we are facing legislation models like “do not track” where the value of the data would be lostto both the user and those that want to make commercial use of it, and Rights andResponsibilities legislation where the user would have control over their data and decidewhether to share it or not.
  3. 3. ANONYMITY AND PSEUDONYMITY Anonymity: * preserve and protect anon * the right to be let alone Pseudonymity: * plan for consistent use of handles * plan for personae or facets with user control PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEM* ability to be anonymous is critical -- not just for reasons you think -- we think of whistle blowers..* given the current environment with the Stalker Economy -- people feel stalked around the web and on their phones* Dont build an identity system that always *must* to know or express who the user is.* plan for users differently expressed selves.
  4. 4. MULTIPLE PERSONAE PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEM• Professional Life - if as a “licensed professional” or hiding one’s gender while participating ontechnical mailing lists• Gaming Life - Handles in Game• Personal Life - Dating and Sex• Personal LIfe - Parenting• Persanal Life - Sexual Preferences• Health & Wellness - sharing about disease and other issues.• Religious LIfe• Hobby Life - Quilting• Sporting Life - teams one belongs to.
  5. 5. BEING SEEN, WATCHED, STALKED * Being SEEN is an act of mutual social recognition - I see you, you see me, we see each other seeing each other - we are seen. * Being WATCHED is uni-directional. It is done without the subject – I may say “the victim’s” knowledge. * Being STALKED is what happens to someone when the watching activity is aggregated, that is when someone is followed through time and space without their awareness. PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEMUserʼs fear this as they get signaled they are being stalked online, and their data is aggregatedoutside their control.
  6. 6. PERSONAL DATA SERVICES * User control over their own data * Separate Identity from Data Stores * User control over identities / personae in PDS with identity controls PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEMWe expect userʼs will access and manage many kinds of personal data services in theirbrowsers.. if identity management is done in a PDS.. will the browser need to manage loginsand PWs and “identity” ?The data is valuable, and users want to shut down the tracking, and we would like to supportuserʼs trading data, just like you might aggregate your miles from multiple sources and tradeyour score for valuable things.