6th grade project- Haiti


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Heres my project on Hait! Enjoy! :)

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6th grade project- Haiti

  1. 1. Marys SS Project Country: Haiti Name: Mary Gray Teacher: Ms. Beacham Due Date: April 12, 2013
  2. 2. HaitiHaiti is a part of the 2nd largest island of the Caribbean and is one-third on Hispaniola.
  3. 3. Haitis LandscapeColonized by the French in 1697, Haiti became one of the richest countries in the Caribbean.
  4. 4. Haitis LandscapeNow, Haitis soil has suffered intense erosion, DE- forestation, and overuse which took away all the nutrients.
  5. 5. Haitis LandscapeHaitis soil is now good for growing: Mango, Avocado, Guava, Coconut palm, Orange, Bamboo, and Banana.
  6. 6. Haitis CultureHaitis culture is creole too. A combination of French, African, and West Indian Cultures.
  7. 7. Haitis PeopleAbout 90% of the people in Haiti are descendantsOf black African slaves; Most of the remainder are Mulattoes.( a person mixed with with black & white descendants)
  8. 8. Haitis peopleMany Haitian families make a living from substance farming. They produce just enough food to feed one family.
  9. 9. Haitis ReligionRoman Catholicism is the official religion of Haiti, but Voodoo maybe considered the countries National religion. The majority of the Haitians believe ans practice some aspects of Voodoo.
  10. 10. Haitis CuisineThroughout its history, several foreign countries gained control of Haiti, Introducing new food & ideas from their land, which affected the food they eat.
  11. 11. Haitis DialectThe official language of Haiti is french, and many Haitians also speak Creole at home. Creole is based on French and African Languages.
  12. 12. Haitis LiteracyMost Haitians havent had the opportunity to learn to read & write. But now, Haitians realize the importance of Ed. & more children are learning
  13. 13. Haitis life ExpectancyThe life expectancy in Haiti is about 49years. Now, people are making an effort in teaching new mothers how to care for the babies to increase life expectancy.
  14. 14. Haitis EconomyUnder the 1987 constitution, executive power is used in a President, who is directly elected to a 5 year term.
  15. 15. Haitis IndependenceHaiti gained its independence in 1864, but, years of political problems have made Haiti one of the most poorest countries in the world.
  16. 16. Haitis FlagHaitis flag is Blue & Red with cannons, and a tree and other things on it.
  17. 17. Haitis ResourcesIn the early 1990s, Haiti already built about 82,000 telephones, 3 million roads, and 25,000 televisions. They also use Hydroelectricity.
  18. 18. Haitis EarthquakeOn January 12th, 2010, the Caribbean nation of Haiti was rocketed by a massive earthquake. Although it lasted only a minute, it destroyed the entire city.
  19. 19. Haitis EarthquakeThe earthquake caused a lot of damage, and many people were injured and even killed.
  20. 20. Haitis EarthquakeLots of volunteers and supplies were sent to help Haiti. Shelter, food, water, and first aid were there when they needed it.