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Fidelis Powerpoint

  1. 1. The intimate alternative to assisted living!
  2. 2.  Established in 2003  Owned and operated by two local Registered Nurses: Michele Robert, RN - Judy Robert, RN.  Over 35 years combined experience in ER, Home Health & Assisted Living.  Licensed by Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.  Provides close 24-hour supervision of residents.  Caregivers are screened, trained and experienced.  Maximum capacity of 8 residents per home. www.fideliscaregroup.
  3. 3.  6543 E Achord, Baton Rouge  1732 S. Sherwood, Baton Rouge  4000 Kent Avenue, Metairie  916 Martin Behrman Walk, Metairie  4801 Tartan St., Metairie www.fideliscaregroup.
  4. 4.  Close, 24-hour supervision  Medication supervision  Complete laundry/linen & housekeeping  Three balanced meals and snacks daily  Bathing/hygiene needs  Socialization, activities and special events www.fideliscaregroup.
  5. 5.  While some elderly are well-suited for large assisted living, certain elderly family members may reach a point when a greater level of care or supervision is important for their well-being.  Quiet, upscale residential communities provide a more intimate setting for a very limited number of residents. Personal attention – tailored to his/her specific need.  One-on-one encouragement to maintain as much independence as possible.  Regular communication with family assures they are informed on all care issues.  Families have peace of mind in knowing their loved one is secure, happy and receiving individualized care. www.fideliscaregroup.
  6. 6. Fidelis provides services for the elderly or disabled individuals who require closer supervision and need/want more quality of care. ◦ Those diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. ◦ Those who need assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, and medication supervision at all times. ◦ Individuals may be wheelchair bound (if they can transfer/pivot). ◦ Individuals who require O2 are accepted at Fidelis.  If an individual requires one-on-one supervision at all times, is totally bedridden has a tracheotomy, on sliding scale insulin, ventilator or feeding tube they would not be appropriate for care at Fidelis.  All potential residents receive a thorough medical assessment prior to acceptance and the Fidelis administrators/RNs consult with the resident’s physician.
  7. 7.  Hairdresser onsite bi-weekly  Residents’ birthday celebrations  All traditional holiday celebrations with residents  Community volunteers/clergy  Religious services  Facilitation with 3rd party providers per family choice - (home health, physical therapy, hospice, medical equipment)  Family friendly visitation with ‘open door policy’
  8. 8.  The number of elderly with Alzheimer-related dementia is expected to TRIPLE to 12 million by year 2050.  The number of elderly Americans is expected to DOUBLE by year 2050.  The yearly cost of in-home caregivers can exceed $100,000! *  The cost of Fidelis is significantly lower than a nursing home; yet offers a more desirable staff to resident ratio of 1 to 4! Staffing ratios at nursing homes average 1:17. (* based on 24-hour care at $15.00 hourly rate) www.fideliscaregroup.
  9. 9.  Contact information  Michele Robert, RN cell (225) 221-0141 cell (504) 884-2579  Judy Robert, RN cell (504) 606-3143   Local liaison, Marye Blank cell (225) 573-8248 To schedule a private tour at any of our facilities.