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TEC 948 & TEC 965 Overview


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Published in: Education, Technology
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TEC 948 & TEC 965 Overview

  1. 1. TEC 948 Teaching and Learning Online0 The history and evolution of online teaching is explored as well as the strategies, theories, and concepts that surround the online classroom.0 Course Participants will strengthen the essential skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective online instructor and meet needs of 21st century students as identified in the National Educational Technology Plan.
  2. 2. Course Objectives1. Experience the online environment from a student perspective.2. Explore and identify the role of the online environment in contemporary education and the driving forces behind the growth of e-learning.3. Explore and define how technology supports the research and standards focused on online teaching and learning.4. Compare and contrast the traditional classroom and the online classroom.5. Explore the relationship between theories of learning and teaching styles.
  3. 3. Course Objectives (contd.)6. Identify how the online environment supports constructivism.7. Define the roles of the teacher and the student in the online classroom.8. Investigate the role of learning styles in the online classroom.9. Develop a basic understanding of copyright and accessibility issues.10. Analyze and identify how you will be using the online environment in your teaching practices.
  4. 4. Course Modules1. Orientation and Introductions2. Net Generation3. The Impact of the Internet and Technology on Education4. What is Online Teaching and Learning5. The Online Instructor6. The Online Student7. Evaluating Information on the Internet8. Issues of Copyright and Accessibility9. Pedagogy10. ePortfolio Practicum
  5. 5. TEC 965 Teach With Moodle0 Using a systematic approach guided by Bloom’s Taxonomy for 21st Century Learners, and sound instructional design principles, course participants plan and design an online course module in Moodle.0 While this course will be using Moodle, the instructional strategies, design principles and pedagogy can be transferred to other course management systems.
  6. 6. Course Objectives1. Explore the state of online teaching and learning in the US and identify how the growth of online learning is impacting education.2. Identify how online teaching and learning meets the goals of the NETP, the NETS-S/T, and the iNACOL Standards of Quality.3. Actively engage with the Moodle tools from both an instructor and student role.4. Customize and modify the Moodle settings to create an appropriate online learning environment.5. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate quality in existing online courses through the use of research based resources6. Explore, analyze and implement sound instructional design principles.
  7. 7. Course Objectives (contd.)7. Refine the objectives for you course reflecting the modified Bloom’s Taxonomy to Meet 21st Century Pedagogies.8. Develop a course framework and begin the process of building an online module.9. Create grade-level appropriate, standards-based online learning activities.10. Demonstrate the ability to organize and structure online course content based on best practices.11. Reflect upon your experiences using Moodle.12. Participate as a member of a community of learners through an active online network.
  8. 8. Course Modules1. Orientation and Introductions2. Current Research and the National Technology Standards for Teachers3. Getting Started with Moodle4. Quality in Online Courses5. Moodle Sandbox6. Moodle Toolbox7. Final Project8. Assessing Readiness iNACOL Standards for Quality in Online Courses9. Building a Personal Learning Network10. ePortfolio Practicum
  9. 9. Assignments0 Signature ePortfolio Assignments0 Activities0 My Journal Entries0 Discussions
  10. 10. The Madera Cohort0 11 teachers0 Summer 2011 kick-off week 0 Technology and Google Tools0 Met synchronously in Blackboard Collaborate weekly0 Moodle 2.20 Authentic projects0 ePortfolio 0 Interactive portfolio using Google Sites based on the work of Helen C. Barrett, Ph. D.
  11. 11. Technology Tools0 Atomic Learning0 GoogleSites and Docs0 Wallwisher0 Voki0 Xtranormal0 GoAnimate0 Glogster0 VoiceThread