Writing for publication


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Webinar given to AIIP members

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Writing for publication

  1. 1. Marydee Ojala Editor, Author, Consultant
  2. 2. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 2 Agenda Introduction Who What Where When Why And How
  3. 3. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 3 Introduction AIIP members are often counseled to publish Many AIIP members already publish For clients as well as public Some AIIP members are confident writers, others are terrified Journalism’s 5 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why. I’ve added How
  4. 4. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 4 My Background MLS from University of Pittsburgh First article in ONLINE – v. 2, 1978 Started writing Dollar Sign column in 1987 Became editor of Database in 1997 Became editor of ONLINE in 2001; Title changed to Online Searcher in 2013 Also involved in conference program planning: WebSearch University, Enterprise Search Summit, Internet Librarian International
  5. 5. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 5 Who You - if you can write a report for a client, you can write for publication Audience Existing clients New clients Professional group Local, regional, worldwide
  6. 6. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 6 Who Else to involve Co-author Writing buddy Copy editor Layout person Web designer Reality checker
  7. 7. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 7 Who Owns what you write? Can you change this?
  8. 8. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 8 What Will you write about? Write about what you know or what you want to know more about Write what someone wants to read Write what an editor wants to publish Are your personal/professional goals? What you write should align with your goals
  9. 9. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 9 What Writing style to use Formal, informal You might want to forget some grammar rules Specified style sheet Stay away from academic style Concentrate on action verbs, simple declarative sentences
  10. 10. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 10 What Will you be paid? Do you expect to be paid?
  11. 11. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 11 Where Will you write? At home, in the office, at coffee shop? Will people read your writing? Your website, blog? Publisher decides for you? Email blast? In book Will they find it?
  12. 12. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 12 Where Will you publish? Journals (non peer-reviewed or peer-reviewed) Newsletters (yours or someone else’s) Newspapers Popular press Social media (blogs particularly) Book Self-publishing
  13. 13. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 13 Where to Publish For the profession (which profession?) Library journals, Target market journals AIIP newsletter For clients Publications potential clients will read Technical journals
  14. 14. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 14 Where are You in Your Career Just starting Validation Middle Credibility Change in focus Experienced Knowledge sharing
  15. 15. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 15 When Regularly scheduled publication? How time sensitive is information Does someone else determine schedule Will you find the time to write? Carve out a particular time of day Vow to write a certain number of words per day (even if you never publish them)
  16. 16. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 16 Why Do you want to do this? What’s in it for you Raise visibility, professional recognition Acquire new customers, Gain existing customer loyalty Prove expertise, Validate knowledge base Personal satisfaction
  17. 17. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 17 How The mechanics of writing Grammar – differences between US and UK grammar Spelling – remember that spell check doesn’t catch everything Used – sued; meditate – mediate; nuclear – unclear; now – not; portable – potable Don’t pick first option spell check presents
  18. 18. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 18 How To work with editors Before you pitch an article, become familiar with publication and read author guidelines, look at editorial calendar (if there is one) Follow author guidelines Keep in contact with editors
  19. 19. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 19 How to Write for Publication Questions? Ask here or contact me at: marydee@xmission.com Online Searcher www.infotoday.com/onlinesearcher
  20. 20. AIIP Webinar - Marydee Ojala 20 Contact Details Marydee Ojala marydee@xmission.com www.onlinemag.net