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Modern real estate marketing


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Modern real estate marketing

  1. 1. Modern Real EstateMarketing Understanding The Tools
  2. 2. Nearly 90 percent of people who recently purchased a house found or researched the listing online. The Internet has permanently changed the real estate industry just like it has in many other areas. Physical realtor signs on a lawn and newspaper ads are just not as effective as they once were and cannot be the only way used to inform the public that a home is for sale. Modern real estate marketing has the ability to reach a wide range of potential buyers and to provide a realtor with more information about the market than ever before. There are a few key tools that need to be employed in order to find long-term success in real estate.
  3. 3. The types of online communications that are necessary in order to draw attention to real estate are very different from the more traditional print ads that were common for the last few decades. A few very motivated people might find interest in a simple email or webpage that just posts pictures of a house along with the market value.Content Is Important
  4. 4. There are many more potential buyers who will return to a site or find interest in a home they might not have if there is sufficient content. Content about real estate could mean anything from interesting anecdotes to a history of the immediate neighborhood. Content will add perceived value to the property and will drive interest.Content Is Important
  5. 5. The actual websites, technologies and terminologies will almost certainly change over the years but the fact remains that social media in some form is here to stay. This is a very important area to leverage in modern real estate marketing. Social media websites provide several important options. It is a way to personalize the messages that are sent. It also creates a space where interested buyers are able to interact directly with the realtor or others.Social Media Exposure
  6. 6. Geographical features of certain websites can be used to create virtual tours of properties that anyone can follow with nothing more than a mobile device. All of this connects back to the social media websites where users are able to keep track of interesting properties while also drawing in other potential buyers through their own personal networks.Social Media Exposure
  7. 7. There are many different tools available offered by a range of services that allow the tracking of users on websites. Some of these even include results from instant polls or surveys. Analytics are one of the most powerful modern real estate marketing tools available. Good analytics will show where customers are coming from online, where they go when they are done and what they think about a particular property.Marketing Analytics
  8. 8. Trends such as overpriced homes or suddenly unpopular neighborhoods can be assessed in real-time. It is not easy to set up a real estate network that includes combined analytics but the results are well worth the effort.Marketing Analytics
  9. 9. Networking has always been a part ofmarketing real estate. It is even moreimportant in the modern marketplace. Socialmedia websites provide a way for realtors toestablish large networks that can becontacted through emails, text messages andother forms of electronic communication veryeasily. More importantly it provides access toother realtors who might have resources andinformation that will help to move propertiesand advertise new listings in ways that havebeen previously impossible.Networking