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SDBN Brewing Science Poll


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Published in: Career, Technology, Education
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SDBN Brewing Science Poll

  1. 1. April 23Brewing rd Science EventScience Communication Poll
  2. 2. In what area do you feel that your communication skills need the most improvement (choose one)? Finding the right project 5% Funding my research 11% Connecting with peers/ networking 52% My career path and choices 32%45 Total Respondents
  3. 3. Which of the following methods of science communication have you used effectively (choose all that apply)? 30 25 20 15 # Respondents 10 5 043 Total Respondents
  4. 4. What is your idea for improving science communication?Attending these eventsBe more concisecommunicationHave better forums for communicating tough subjects to non-scientistsI think scientific communication between scientists and the public needs to beimproved the most. This starts with scientists learning to communicate withlaypersons and also learning how to talk about science in an exciting and engagingway.Informal evenths like thesemake social media communities appealing for researchers!more in person events to take advantage of SD communityScience is technical--short TED talk like events hosted on YouTube betweenscienctists in the same field.Social meeting for students and researchers- coffee hours, lab workplace tours, etc..Train scientists to communicate better at an earlier level (e.g first/second year ofgraduate school)Writing jargon free articles
  5. 5. Science Communication Questions· Although I do research, I am primarily a science educator. I am interested in learningabout how the new technologies are and will be used in communicating science to themedia, the public and to students.· Interested to hear tips on communicating about scientific matters effectively withbusiness/finance folks.· How to be specific while describing a result?· What structure/format would you suggest for giving a 5-10 min presentation aboutones scientific research without using slides to a general audience?· How to deliver science talk to undergraduate and Masters students in university· How can I, a Professor, get better at this?· How explain that the science is not like shown in Hollywoods movies? I mean,Scientists from the real world spend a lot of time (years) researching and face morefrustration than success. Also, they must find grants for their research. How explain thesethings and still keep non-experts fascinated for?· Why science journals are not free for public access, principally those NIH fundingprojects?· How to be sure what you say in an interview stays scientifically correct when itappears in the popular press.