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Importance of Scientific Social Networks


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Mary Canady's April 26 2014 presentation to the American Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2014. Video can be found at and presentation at

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Importance of Scientific Social Networks

  1. 1. Importance of Scientific Social Networks American Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting Experimental Biology 2014 April 26, 2014 Mary Canady Comprendia LLC
  2. 2. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.22 Who Am I? •Then –Trained as a biochemist –Always gravitated to online tools & pretty pictures –Loved bench work and organizing events •Now –Comprendia/San Diego Biotechnology Network •Network of 20,000 •Marketing, events, writing, speaking •Results –People find me easily for business (and speaking!) –I have found my niche and am happy
  3. 3. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.33 Charles Darwin’s Social Network Preliminary draft of figure, all data from the Darwin Correspondence Project. See interactive version at
  4. 4. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.44 2012 ScienceOnline Twitter Conversations Visit or follow #sciox on Twitter
  5. 5. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.55 Your Personal • Strategy – What’s your personal brand? •‘Research’ your interests, goals – How does your current work translate to the job market? – What gets you up in the morning? • Tactics – Follow news, publications in your area •Use RSS, Twitter, Google Alerts – Share information, build reputation – Network, network, network
  6. 6. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.66 David Shiffman @whysharksmatter Danielle Lee @dnlee5
  7. 7. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.77 Don’t Forget, Etiquette • It’s not all about you – Provide resources first, promote yourself second • Consider audience, reach and goals when communicating – Public? Scientists? – What are my institution’s policies? – “Test the waters” by watching and asking first • Use “in real life” values when communicating – Don’t rush to judgment or make rash statements – The internet is forever • Consider pseudonymity fully before deciding
  8. 8. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.88 Statistics from Bioinformatics, LLC • October 2013 “Digital Marketing to Life Scientists: Social Media and Email Best Practices” Report • 35% of life scientists use social media constantly or frequently for their work • Life scientists spend on average about two hours per day engaged in social media for both personal and professional use. • LinkedIn and Facebook are the top social media applications for life scientists • Life scientists use social media to • further their professional activities • network with colleagues • make contacts • maintain their professional identities
  9. 9. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.99 What Online Tools Should I Use? Application Description Good for How To Use LinkedIn Professional networking •Personal brand •Job hunting •Leads •Complete profile •Join/start groups •Engage Twitter Sharing information with short updates •Personal brand •Connecting via content •Events •Find a niche •Follow hashtags/users Blog Dynamic website with daily-weekly articles •Personal brand •Connecting with peers •Create blog according To brand •Find others, interact via comments/Twitter Google+ Social networking “back layer” •Sharing information •Increasing search engine visibility •Hangouts •Add colleagues to circles •Join communities •Use Hashtags Recent presentation Academics Presence Online
  10. 10. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1010 #Anatomy14 Tweets: Before, During, & After*! *Add #xbio for added visibility & to meet other disciplines!
  11. 11. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1111 Basics • Overview – Provide 140 character updates, AKA ‘microblogging’ – @[user] to send a public message (reply) – D [user] to send private message (DM) – #[text] is a ‘hashtag’ to follow events, subjects, or chats • Follow based on content, don’t need to know – Hint: this is huge for meeting people • Provide information based on your brand • Should be a conversation if you’re doing it right!
  12. 12. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1212 Tactics • Fill out profile completely and carefully • Get followers – Target: 1,000 – To be followed, you must follow •Search Twitter, Social Mention for terms (e.g., ‘virtual anatomy’) •Conference hashtags (#anatomy14) •Twitter will make suggestions for who to follow • Use Web or Twitter app, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck Twitter Tips for Scientists
  13. 13. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1313 • WordPress – Hosted blog at, or get a server, host your own ($7/month) – Most flexible, our favorite • Blogger – Only offers hosted solutions • Tumblr – Less flexible, hard to write a post with both image and text • Join an existing blog network – Anatomy Connected Ways To
  14. 14. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1414 Link and courtesy @brianreid Finding blogs: •ScienceSeeker •Researchblogging Blog Networks
  15. 15. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1515 Google Yourself • Google Author Rank – Your Google+ network affects Google search results – Big for your personal brand – Should lead to more online science credibility • Google+ – Add colleagues using G+’s tools – Share information – Join groups, share hashtags • Set up a Google Scholar Profile • What’s working well for others?
  16. 16. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1616 Facebook • Living in the 10’s=professional FB presence – Manage privacy – Change to work name – Keep politics at a minimum – No passed out photos • Follow anatomy organizations, news, engage – Need to check “get notifications” to get updates • Live your brand? You decide.
  17. 17. © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.1717 Getting Started • Determine your personal brand • Start small – LinkedIn, Google+ Profile – Share your brand on Facebook – Tweet at #anatomy14 ! • Be creative • Start NOW
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