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Aids powerpoint

  1. 1. By: Mary Brewer
  2. 2. Definition and Severity• AIDS is caused by the HIV virus• It weakens the body’s immune system and increases its susceptibility to other transmittable diseases• Due to the Severity of HIV/Aids many people have died or have lived with severe health issues in life
  3. 3. Causes of the Problem• HIV/Aids has been spreading dramatically• It can start if a mother has HIV/Aids and has a child it can be transmitted from mother-to-child
  4. 4. Less significant Problem• An impact on the problem is HIV/Aids spreading dramatically• Less peopleLess workers
  5. 5. More significant Problem Schooling gone down More orphans Children have to take care of a sick or ill parent/guardian
  6. 6. Evaluating the Problem These are economic/social problems that are easily affected Due to the Severity of HIV/Aids many people have died or have lived with severe health issues in life
  7. 7. Summarize and Main Points People get killed everyday HIV turns into Aids most of the time Children become orphans and abandoned everyday
  8. 8. Evaluation to the Problem The most affected country is Africa where children and adults are killed every minute Due to the Severity of HIV/Aids many people have died or have lived with severe health issues in life
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