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Making inferences


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Discussion of what inference is and how is it done.

Published in: Education
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Making inferences

  1. 1. Inference: A Reading Strategy
  2. 2. What is inference? • Inference is reading all of the clues and making your best guess. • Inference is similar to prediction but they are not the same. • When inferring, you are using all clues to draw conclusions about what is being read.
  3. 3. What is the difference between prediction and inference? • When you make predictions, your prediction will be proven by the end of the story. When inferring, you may or may not know the answer to your question by the end of the story. • When predicting, you are focusing on what will happen in the story. When inferring, you are making a guess about what a character will do, how a character feels, and other judgments. • Prediction = answered by the end of the story • Inference = may or may not be answered by the end of the story
  4. 4. When do you make inferences? • As a reader, you can make inferences DURING reading. • As a reader, you need to ask yourself questions as you read and make inferences based on what you have read. These inferences may not be about what will happen next.
  5. 5. How do you make inferences? • Inferences are made by questioning during the story. • Ask yourself about why a character does something, how a character feels, etc. • To make an inference during reading, you must question yourself.
  6. 6. Questions to inferring in a text? • What will happen next and why? • What clues have led you to think that? • Why did that character do that? • How does that character feel? • Why did the author write this story? • Inference allows for many more questions than prediction.
  7. 7. Conclusion • Inferring requires the reader to ask questions during reading. Predicting requires the reader to ask questions before and during reading. • Making inferences is a way to check for understanding. • Making inferences requires the use of additional strategies to ensure comprehension.