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Reframing problems


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Reframing problems

  1. 1. Reframing Problems Reframing is a necessity.Why? Because of lots of problems in newmodern life.How? Thinking creativelyNow chewing GUM ???!!
  2. 2. What is Gum?Stickandstretch
  3. 3. Like a soilMedia forgrowingplantsIs it possibleto cultivateBasil on Gum?!
  4. 4. playingMaking statuesBeautiful designs
  5. 5. A very good Trap for?Arrestingmouses
  6. 6. As we will find in multivariablecalculus, There is often a numberof solutions for any givenproblemsLike a GUMShowing us lots ofadvantages andapplications