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Retroviral Vectors


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retroviral vectors

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Retroviral Vectors

  1. 1. Retroviral Vectors By: Maryam shakeel
  2. 2. Retrovirus Class of enveloped viruses Single stranded RNA Retroviruses are one of the mainstays of current gene therapy approaches. The recombinant retroviruses such as the Moloney murine leukemia virus have the ability to integrate into the host genome in a stable fashion
  3. 3. Genome of Retrovirus • LTR (long terminal repeat) U5 envpolgag5’ 3’ • PBS (primer binding site) • “Pol” gene • “gag” gene • “env” gene • “Ѱ” packaging signal site • 5’ss & 3’ss site Ѱ 5’ss 3’ss U3 R U5U3 R LTR LTR • PPT (polypurine Test)
  4. 4. Construction of Replication defective Retroviral Vector: • Retroviral vectors are derived from wild type retroviruses (Moloney murine leukaemia provirus) and are engineered to carry a foreign gene of interest into a target cell. • Retroviral vectors are composed of the gene of interest and the cis-acting elements of the viral genome , with the removal of the trans- acting viral genes (gag, pol, and env)
  5. 5. LTR LTRenvpolgag5’ 3’ Ѱ 5’ss 3’ss LTR LTR5’ 3’ Ѱ 5’ss Gene of Interest
  6. 6. Applications in Gene therapy:
  7. 7. Limitations: • Moloney retrovirus involves the requirement for cells to be actively dividing for transduction. • insertional mutagenesis due to integration into the host genome might lead to cancer or leukemia.
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