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Sony Job Roles


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Sony Job Roles

  1. 1. Who is the record label?The record is have chosen to do is the Sony BMG and the reason I havechosen them is because their website is in much more detailed when itcomes to finding job roles and their member of staff where compared toother website such as WMG and Universal where there was a lack ofdetail on the member of staff and what they do?. Also because few offavorite artist are signed to them such asJLS, The Script.What is their company ethos?TheSony BMGcompany ethos ranges from RnB, American Rock, Hip-HopWhat genres of music do they produce?The genres they produce ranges from RnB, Hip-Hop, ClassicalExample of artists that are signed to the label?The artist that are signed to Sony BMGareR. Kelly, Ke$ah,
  2. 2. Chief Executive Office (CEO)Legal Department Vice President Manager A&R Producer Sales Distributor Runner Interns
  3. 3. Cameron Strang Who is the person? Cameron Strang isSony BMG/Chappell Musics CEO. What are they responsible for? Is responsible for the companys worldwide operations, including strategic acquisitions, A&R, international licensing initiatives and global expansion. What was their previous job/company?Salary: £400,000 PA Previously, Strang was the founder of Southside Independent Music Publishing, which was formed in 2004 and acquired by Sony/Chappell in 2010. Strang was also the founder of independent label, New West Records, and co-founder of DMZ Records, a joint venture record label he launched with Grammy-winning producer, T-Bone Burnett, and Academy Award-winning filmmakers, Joel and Ethan Coen. What type of contract are they on? They are in on a full time permanent contract and the benefits of it is that they don’t to worry about losing their job which make it a secure job. Who do they report to? And whop reports to them? The CEO doesn’t really report to anyone but like all job we does have a boss. But lot’s of people such as the Vice President, and the people in legal department and below everyone has to report to CEO.
  4. 4. Michael Nash Who is the person? Michael Nash is Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy and Business Development, for Sony BMG. What are they responsible for? Nash Michael has overseen Sony BMG new media projects, strategic relationships and business development activities. He has also played a key role in building Sony BMG distribution footprint and partnership portfolio, including important initiatives with AT&T, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Verizon and Sony Ericsson.Salary: £200,000 PA What was their previous job/company? Before joining Sony BMG Michael Nash use to work in advertisement and marketing What type of contract are they on? Michael Nash who is the Executive Vice President is on full time permanent contract which means he has a secure job which is one the biggest benefit because of the lack of jobs in these times. Who do they report to? And who reports to them? Michael Nash reports to the CEO who is Cameron Strang and the people who mainly reports to him are the A&R and the Manager.
  5. 5. Kelly Milson Who is the person? Kelly Milson is the producer of Sony BMG What are they responsible for? Kelly Milson role involves deciding on the type of music we hear ever day. They are musicians and artists in their own right, working hand-in-hand with recording artists to create the best possible recorded representation of their music. What was their pervious job/company? Kelly Milson use to work in a small companySalary: £25,000 PA What type of contract are they on? The type of contract the Kelly Milson is on is full time which make it a secure job Who do they report to? And who reports to them? Kelly Milson the producer mainly reports to A&R and the Manager. And the people who report to her is the Sales departments and the Distributor.