Applications of ecology


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Applications of ecology

  1. 1.  Ecology is very important subject it has applications in major areas such as Water shed Management Soil conservation Agriculture Wild life Management Aqua Culture Land Utilization Pollution
  2. 2.  Water is stored in Dams or Reservoirs for the purpose of electricity production at the time of construction of Dams there should be a ecologist to see ecological aspects. The major aspects are soil erosion and wind because these two aspects can fill the Dams (silting up)
  3. 3.  Now a days many factors are disturbing the soil. Many cultivated lands are being disturbed by construction of buildings or any other residential areas. With the help of ecology we can study the topography, climate conditions, soil erosion These are important aspects of ecology for soil conservation.
  4. 4.  For agriculture of crops following aspects are important Soil, mineral composition, Tempeture,biotec factors of the area All these factors are studied by an ecologist so without information of all aspects it will be very difficult to grow a plants and it can result in economic loss.
  5. 5.  For the establishment of wild life, vegetation of area have major role for different species of animals. There will be different types of food web and food chains both these are equally important. So for habitat of different species in wild life ecology studies are important.
  6. 6.  The rearing and breeding of fish in water is called aqua culture. The ratio of predators in aqua culture is important so for fish culturing there should be dense population of fish then other types of animals. Other ecological studies such as temperature and soil conditions are important in fish culturing. Heavy soil are more important for fish culturing.
  7. 7.  For the use of land for the purpose of construction, cultivation, ecological studies have much importance e.g; if we cultivate a crop in an area soil nutrition composition, process of soil erosion and the avability of water are important. In case of construction of building or house in topography of area, location is important.
  8. 8.  Any physical, chemical or biochemical undesirable changes in environment, soil or water or environment is called pollution. For the control of pollution, we have to studies causes of pollution. These causes can be controlled be ecological studies.
  9. 9.  There are two types of forest Natural forest Artificial forest Natural forest are present in under natural condition and mostly have self growing plants. Artificial forest are men made. Forests are important for oxygen, timber, living area for wild life, habitat of different species depending upon the importance of forest. Men are trying to plant the plants for these purpose.
  10. 10. Following aspect are important; Water availability Soil minerals Temperature Biotic factors These aspects are studied by an ecologist.