Women of paleolethic times


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Women of paleolethic times

  1. 1. Women in Paleolithic Times
  2. 2. Presented to: Miss Mehreen Mansoori Presented By: Salman Alam (23) Noor-ul-Ain (05) Javeria Anam (22) Mazhar Iqbal (21) M. Atif Naeem(28)
  3. 3. About Paleolithic time
  4. 4. Paleolithic time It was the time period 3.4 million years back The starting time period of human beings This is also known as stone age
  5. 5. Existing Societies o Hunting & gathering society
  6. 6. Way of living o No proper family system o They live in bands & groups oThey live in caves o They live a nomadic life
  7. 7. Concept of Gender o Not as such socially constructed concept of gender o No gender based discrimination o There was relatively “equality” b/t both of the sexes
  8. 8. Division of labor o They work on the base of there needs & abilities o There was no limitations for a specific sex o There was cooperation
  9. 9. Role of women
  10. 10. Role of women o Men go for hunting, while o Women job was gathering, preserving and storing food stuff
  11. 11. o Men don’t go for hunting on regular basis o So they provide 20% of nourishment, While o Women regularly produce 80 % of the food consumed by Gathering o & they also look after their children. Women work more than Men
  12. 12. Role of Women in Socialization oThe main credit for creating language and social organization goes to women Because; oChildren basically learn their words from their mothers first. oChildren were more attached with females
  13. 13. Representation of older Women
  14. 14. Venus of Willendrof oA sculpture of a pregnant women was discovered in Willendrof a village near Austria oShows that how women look like oThat shows the fertility of women in that age
  15. 15. Achievements of Women
  16. 16. Inventor of Tools o Women invent tools before men, which were made of bones & stones. o Hunting was later development than gathering.
  17. 17. Artwork
  18. 18. Pottery
  19. 19. Sewing Knitting &Weaving
  20. 20. Positive & negative aspects
  21. 21. Positive aspects oThere was no as such gender discrimination oMutual Cooperation oThere were less issues b/w men and women oWomen were not suppressed oThere was no ownership of women oNo command or exploitation of women Labor
  22. 22. Negative Aspects oNo proper family system oNo respect status of men and women oThere was not much love and affection
  23. 23. Conclusion oEquality in both Genders oContentment oStatus of Women in History
  24. 24. Any Question
  25. 25. T H E E N D
  26. 26. Thanks…………………………………………………..