Oman rail project public english


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Oman rail project public english

  1. 1. Oman Railway Project
  2. 2. Why is railway preferred? On average, one freight train can carry 1,000 tonnes of freight replacing 50 trucks’movement On the whole, rail-based cargo transport is at least 30 per cent cheaper than by road Rail is about 9 times safer mode of transport than road Rail transport uses about 60-80% less energy per kilometer than road transport Transporting cargo by rail results in 80% lesser CO2 emissions, compared to transportingcargo by road Rail offers relatively higher speed than road, along with safety and reliability Noise damage from road traffic is estimated to be about 25 times that of rail On average, a double track railway can carry up to 10 times the number of people perhour than a two-lane road.
  3. 3. Our VisionDevelop the railway network so logisticsindustry becomes a significant GDP playerand Oman becomes the region’s gateway.
  4. 4. Our strategy Connect Oman ports to the GCC network as soon as possible. Integrate the transport system modes: ports - Railway - road and airports. Build a highly competitive network: Adopt best practices in operation. Secure lucrative operating conditions and pricing with the GCC. Build a network safe and effective: Use first rate services and technology providers Adopt latest engineering and quality standards Build the local capacity Adopt an aggressive marketing strategy
  5. 5. Sector StructureLicensing Auditing Organization LegislationOperators Supervision Investment Assets Ownership Sector DevelopmentMinistry of Transport and CommunicationPoliciesDirectorate General for Land Transport and RailwayOman Rail Company
  6. 6. Railway Alignment200 km/hPassenger80-120 km/hFreightDieselPower DriveDoubleTrack32.4Axle LoadETCS Level 2SignallingStandard 1435 mmGauge2244 KMTotal Network1537 KMPorts Network Alignment spans from Buraimi to Salalah The alignment will be finalised at the design stage.
  7. 7. Contracting Strategy- StructureProject Management ConsultantPreliminary Design Consultant Design and Build ContractorsOman National Railway CompanySocio-economic study PPP Study
  8. 8.  Overall Project Mgt PDC Review andApproval D&B Prequalification Cost Mgt QHSE Mgt Preliminary Design forall segments D&B TendersPreparationPMC PDC Segment detail design Civil infrastructureconstruction Systems installation Various packagesDesign & BuildContracting Strategy- Contracts Objectives
  9. 9. Operations Study PPP Study to address: Passenger Trains Freight Trains Train Stations Ports Terminals Active engagementwith key ports andindustriesstakeholdersInvestment Now developing Uniform operabilityregulations with GCC; Appropriate tariffstructure Sector LawLegislations
  10. 10. National Capacity Building Develop Omani human capital to lead the railway sectorin Oman. Oman becomes the Centre of Excellence for the region. Oman is able to export skilled resources to the region.Oman becomes the region’s Centre of Excellence
  11. 11. The first steps…Develop designengineers atdifferent railwaydisciplinesPDCProject StageTrainees nr.ObjectiveHow Place fresh graduates at consultants and contractors for 2-4 yrsDevelop project &constructionmanagementengineersPMCDevelopengineers, technicians, skilled and semikilled workforceD&BTBAOperations staff atmgt, engineers andtechnicians levelsOperationTBA