Surf Safety 2


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For Middle School students

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Surf Safety 2

  1. 1. y! el af S rf u S SIS Library Media Internet Safety Guide
  2. 2. People online may not be who they seem to be That cute 14-year old boy may not be cute, may not be 14 and may not be a boy! You never know!
  3. 3. Surf Safety
  4. 4. Internet Safety Tips Use your critical thinking: People may be trying to get information or items from you People who offer to give you something for nothing
  5. 5. NEVER give out your password to anyone
  6. 6. Surf Safety Tips Protect your privacy and your friends' privacy too...get their okay before posting something about them or their pic online
  7. 7. Surf Safety Tips Don’t reply to strangers Keep passwords private. Block or ignore people you don’t know Change your password often.
  8. 8. What you post online stays online - forever!!!! So thinkb4uClick! Don’t tell people things that can come back to haunt you. Your future boss, spouse, or college you want to attend may be reading what you have said.
  9. 9. Surf Safety Tips Google your name often Share information that you want everyone in the world to know about Deleted pictures & information are NEVER gone and can be found years later
  10. 10. Surf Safety Tips Keep this information private! Last name Address Phone numbers Social Security Numbers Passwords
  11. 11. Surf Safety Tips More private information! Credit card numbers School name Pictures Mother’s Maiden Name Birthday
  12. 12. Surf Safety Tips Never send your picture without first asking a parent
  13. 13. Surf Safety Tips Never arrange a meeting without asking a parent. If a parent agrees, you should meet in a public place with your parent accompanying you; NEVER ALONE
  14. 14. Safe to Share First name Favorite sport Favorite color Favorite type of dog
  15. 15. Creating a user name Your user name should NEVER include personal info such as: Your birthday Your age Your gender Your last name Your phone number
  16. 16. Create a Password Your password SHOULD include: Letters Numbers Be at least 6 digits long Not easy to decipher
  17. 17. Surf Safety Change your password often and keep it in a safe place. Don’t share the password with anyone. Don’t reply to spam, harassing, or offensive e- mail or forward chain e-mail letters.
  18. 18. E-mail Safety Practices Don’t open any attachments from anyone unless they are from someone that you know AND run through an anti-virus program. Log off when done.
  19. 19. E-mail use and abuse Remember the Golden Rule! Do to others what you would want them to do to you Don’t trash talk about someone else….. I’TS NOT COOL DUDE!!!!!!!
  20. 20. Listen to yourself: Never respond to messages that make you feel uncomfortable
  21. 21. I.M. (Instant Messaging) The dangers that await you in the chat room.
  22. 22. I.M. robots Sometimes you’ll see a name like Cupid, Santa, or SmarterChild. Don’t talk to them! They are tryng to fool you, they are I.M. Robots. They will try to ask for PRIVATE Information. Don’t give them PRIVATE information
  23. 23. I.M. Friends Your friends can trick you too! Your friend might ask you if you don’t like someone who is right there reading what you wrote in return!
  24. 24. Don't do or say anything online you wouldn't say offline How do you like school? What’s your favorite song?
  25. 25. Chat Rooms Chat rooms are where people communicate instantly online and where everyone else in the “chat room” can see what everyone else is typing.
  26. 26. Be aware of the Dangers in ALL CHATROOMS!
  27. 27. It’s all about: • Use appropriate language • Be respectful to others • Keep private information private • Reject the urge to Cyberbully • Stop, Block and Tell if you encounter a Cyberbully
  28. 28. ! ly e f a fS r u S
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