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Mary Conley Newsletter


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Mary Conley Newsletter

  1. 1. My Family My Dad. My Mom. My dad’s name My mom’s name is Willard Eugene is Sandra Diane Conley. He was Conley. She was born in 1955 in born in 1954 in West Virginia. He Chicago, Illinois. works for the She worked for NCDOT and is a 22 years as a surveyor. He is My Sister. My sister’s name is Melissa medical about 5’9 and transcriptionist has grey hair and Jo Conley, but we call her Missy. She was born in and lost her job blue eyes. He last April. She is likes to work 1976 in Chapmanville, West Virginia. She works at about 5’5 and outside and build has grey hair and things. . Subway. She is about 5’5 and has brown hair and hazel green eyes. blue eyes. She likes to work She likes to cook. outside, build things, and draw.
  2. 2. Pets  Goldie  Mable  Pheobe  Phelix  Tom Pheobe Phelix
  3. 3. Newsletter Title Page 3 Tom Mable