Innovation Ecosystems: Built from the Bottom Up


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Webcast of this talk available at the end of the schedule here:

I-Capital Advisors led an interactive session at the Washington Economic Development Commission's recent Regional Innovation & Jobs Summit.

This presentation was used for background prior to an exercise where the participants actually mapped distinct innovation ecosystems in the state economy.

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Innovation Ecosystems: Built from the Bottom Up

  1. 1. Innovation Ecosystems Built from the Bottom Up Mary Adams Michael Oleksak I-Capital Advisors ICA-1
  2. 2. Industrial era ends… Knowledge era begins PBS: The First Measured Century ICA-2
  3. 3. Industries that will be re-made • Energy • Transportation …fueled by knowledge • Healthcare and • Education innovation • Food production • Manufacturing • Construction • Services • Information technology ICA-3
  4. 4. Innovation is the New Strategy …Why? • Knowledge is dispersed across organizations and geographies • New opportunities come from sharing and collaboration, not ownership of assets • This means that innovation is a bottom-up process • The role of leaders is to facilitate and support (not command and control) ICA-4
  5. 5. Dual challenges of leading/influencing innovation 1. Create an innovation process to support idea generation, selection, development and commercialization 2. Cultivate an innovation ecosystem to ensure a continuous flow of new ideas and an environment where the innovation process will thrive ICA-5
  6. 6. Innovation Ecosystem = Intangible Capital (IC) ICA-6
  7. 7. The IC-Innovation Ecosystem Human Relationship Capital Capital Structural Capital ICA-7
  8. 8. Human- stored Human knowledge Capital • Education • Expertise • Competencies • Experience • Knowledge ICA-8
  9. 9. Structural Capital • Data, information • Communication Recorded systems and networks knowledge/ • Organizations Infrastructure • Intellectual property • Infrastructure/physical resources (labs, facilities) • Institutions ICA-9
  10. 10. Access to external Relationship resources Capital • Knowledge • Markets • Financing • Media • Networks • Programs ICA-10
  11. 11. Example: Chongqing, China • China produces 50% motorcycles globally • Chongqing has largest production in China • Featured in Wikinomics as model for peer production of a physical product • Hundreds of producers collaborate on design and manufacture • Local producers now moving into auto market, building global brands ICA-11
  12. 12. Chongqing innovation ecosystem Reverse Chinese Global customers Engineering motorcycle Manuf industry Skills Modular designs Japanese Motorcycle manufacturers Just-in-time sourcing Entrepreneurial culture Financing Laissez faire policy ICA-12
  13. 13. Key WA innovation ecosystems • Infrastructure • Energy • Food • Export • Entrepreneurship • R&D • Health Commercialization • Manufacturing • Learning ICA-13
  14. 14. Resources Book: Community: Blogs: Mary Adams, 781-729-9650 Michael Oleksak, 781-729-1008 Twitter: maryadamsica Twitter: mikeoleksak ICA-14