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The Future of IC


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Presentation at ICICKM 2010 in Hong Kong. The future of IC depends on us (the practitioners of knowledge-era management). For more information, please visit

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The Future of IC

  1. 1. ICA-1 The Future of IC? It’s up to us…
  2. 2. ICA-2 Declaration of Relevance Let’s resolve to: • End the curse of knowledge • Link IC and financials • Create IC 2.0
  3. 3. ICA-3 Curse of Knowledge It becomes difficult for us to share our knowledge with others because we know too much. –from Made to Stick Let’s make IC simple for businesspeople to understand
  4. 4. ICA-4 Most powerful tool
  5. 5. ICA-5 IC and Financials None of these early adopters has “cracked the code” for the link between IC and financials. –ECIC 2009 paper Let’s make the link clear
  6. 6. ICA-6 IC drives revenue From You Can Grow Like Google on YouTube Relationship Capital: Searchers on internet Relationship Capital: Advertisers Human Capital: programming and math competencies Structural Capital: Search engine Structural Capital: Advertising Revenues
  7. 7. ICA-7 IC 2.0 One of the basic lessons the knowledge era is that knowledge is distributed…and must be allowed and encouraged to flow from the bottom up and the outside in. –IC in Crisis Let’s build IC from the bottom up
  8. 8. ICA-8
  9. 9. ICA-9 The Future of IC… An open conversation and research project into practical applications of IC. We hope to gather stories about how IC knowledge resources are used in organizations. Join us at
  10. 10. ICA-10 References • Made to Stick by (Heath and Heath) • You Can Grow Like Google (Adams) • IC 2.0: An Open Source Manifesto (Adams)