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Reputation is the New Bottom Line


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Presentation to PRSA, the Boston chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

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Reputation is the New Bottom Line

  1. 1. Reputation is the New Bottom Line Mary Adams I-Capital Advisors ICA-1
  2. 2. 3 steps to a lasting reputation Operations 1. Do things right 2. Be proactive 3. Be transparent Communications ICA-2
  3. 3. Operations driven by intangibles ICA-3
  4. 4. The intangible info gap • These What’s inside? invisible assets make your business seem like a “black box” • Earnings are visible but not the drivers of earnings ICA-4
  5. 5. Knowledge assets ICA-5
  6. 6. Make it real…. • Toyota’s stories about empowered employees, satisfied customers, quality production built up reputation “bank” balances • Google’s stories about engineers spending 1 day/week on new ideas add to its reputation as an innovator • An engineering firm doubled their rates by turning an 18-inch manual into a wall chart— making their expertise visible ICA-6
  7. 7. To make it real for your org 1. How do we create value for customers? 2. What are the key intangibles driving this revenue? • Processes <5 • Competencies each • Relationships 3. Measure and communicate…. ICA-7
  8. 8. 3 ways to measure/communicate 1. Narrative and stories not the whole solution 2. Financials investment is easiest but ignored 3. Nonfinancial indicators quantitative – KPI’s popular but dangerous qualitative – assessments create quantitative data about hard-to-measure but critical data ICA-8
  9. 9. Coloplast analyst experiment PwC provided different reports to two groups of analysts: 1. Financial statements, narrative, a few key metrics and extensive quantified nonfinancial data [full Coloplast annual report] 2. Stripped out quantified nonfinancial data [resulting report still similar to/better than market norm] Measurement Very different results: matters 1. 60% of analysts recommended “buy” with the data earnings estimate lower but more consistent 2. 80% recommended “sell” without the data earnings estimate higher Source: ICA-9
  10. 10. To build and maintain a The good reputation, help Bottom your stakeholders “see” Line? the intangible side of your business ICA-10
  11. 11. Resources Book: Community: Blog: Mary Adams, 781-729-9650 Twitter: maryadamsica ICA-11