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ICounting - Change the conversation using measures that matter


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Today's economy demands companies that are collaborative and innovative. This kind of company uses knowledge, computing, connections and trust to create value for its stakeholders and profit for its shareholders. Accounting helps you see the profit but you need ICounting to see the value creation.

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ICounting - Change the conversation using measures that matter

  1. 1. ICounting ^Accounting Change the conversation using measures that matter Smarter-Companies Inc.
  2. 2. ICounting ^Accounting, is the measurement, processing and communication of value creation and financial information about economic entities to a variety of stakeholders users including investors, creditors, management, regulators, employees and communities. Here’s the why and the how… Smarter-Companies Inc.
  3. 3. The bad news Most businesses today still operate under the principles of the industrial economy where it is considered right and necessary to maximize short-term profits in the name of shareholder value without regard to the effect on employees, communities, the environment or even the long term strength of the company itself. This model is not sustainable. Smarter-Companies Inc.
  4. 4. The good news Computing and social technologies are fundamentally changing our economy and creating new opportunities for us all. Today it is possible, even necessary, to collaborate and innovate in order to succeed in business. This new economy is based on knowledge, computing, connections and trust. It operates on a shared success model where intangibles are the path to profits and prosperity. Smarter-Companies Inc.
  5. 5. 5 Era Industrial Knowledge Key tech Machines Computers Core assets Tangibles: equipment, factories, Intangibles: human, relationship, structural, strategic Economics Profits Profits + Prosperity Activity Production Value creation Path to profits Standardization, efficiency, economies of scale Customization, effectiveness, innovation Source of reputation Marketing and branding Trust and experience Power dynamic Ownership and control Attraction and collaboration Measure-ment Accounting ICounting
  6. 6. Smarter-Companies Inc. Employees collaborating together and with external partners to create re-usable knowledge, designs and processes that meet market needs via a viable business model Strategic Capital Human Capital Relationship Capital Structural Capital How do you create value?
  7. 7. How can ICounting help you change the conversation? Model  Measure  Manage  Matter Smarter-Companies Inc. Growth Innovation Performance Sustainability Reputation Valuation
  8. 8. Join our movement for measures and management that matter! Mary Adams 781-729-9650