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An IC Learning Journey


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These slides were from a talk I gave to a group of consultants who went to Harvard Business School at their monthly meeting. The theme was "thought leading." It was fun for me to trace the story of how my interest in IC developed and morphed over time into what we are now doing at Smarter Companies.

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An IC Learning Journey

  1. 1. A Learning Journey Mary Adams Smarter-Companies Inc.
  2. 2. 1984-99 High risk lending was a great introduction to strategy, management and finance
  3. 3. 1999  2004  trekking
  4. 4. 2004  09 Lots of articles
  5. 5. Trek’s work with private companies led to a role in launching a new memberbased organization …
  6. 6. We also became aware of intangible capital Intangibles information gap Intangible book value Tangible book value Source: Ocean Tomo Smarter-Companies Inc.
  7. 7. Began a parallel trek… • Started a website called IC Knowledge Center • Added three new references a month (link to an article, book) • Sent out a newsletter saying “here’s what’s new at the ICKC” • Later morphed into a blog • In 2010, became a community • Also created a personal blog…
  8. 8. Once we wrote this article, we knew it had to be a book—even before it won an award:)
  9. 9. Article was the outline for the book…
  10. 10. Book became a product…
  11. 11. Product and community became a company…
  12. 12. We train ICountants to use our products …
  13. 13. Today • Smarter-Companies was launched in January, 2013 • We have 550+ members • We have licensees on five continents • We’ve trained 20 ICountants • We’re creating a movement for Measures that Matter
  14. 14. …and it all started with a little article