Puppy Crate Training - The Why's and How's


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puppycratetrainingtips.com Like all puppies, your new puppy is full of energy and playfulness! This article details the rationale and techniques behind puppy crate training. Learn more by continuing to our site!

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Puppy Crate Training - The Why's and How's

  1. 1. PuppyCrateTrainingTips.com<br />Espisode1: Is Puppy Crate Training Really Necessary<br />Hello and welcome to a new Episode from PuppyCrateTrainingTips.com<br />Today we are going to talk about: Is Puppy Crate Training Really Necessary<br />Bringing a puppy home is one of most exciting experiences you will come across. It is like adding a new member to the family. However, you might have to put in some amount of extra effort in puppy training exercises.<br />Though it is said that house training a puppy is easier than house training an adult dog, you need to keep a few things in mind before going about crate training your little pup.<br />The Crate is basically your little puppy’s home within your home. However, most of the puppies, like little kids, prefer playing outside rather than sitting inside their crates.<br />This might be a little problematic, especially when your puppy has not yet completed its puppy obedience training. He might not have yet learned to potty outside or within certain areas of your house. It is therefore very necessary to crate train your puppy.<br />Crate training a puppy also becomes important when you have guests at home and your puppy has not yet collected proper dog etiquette. He could scare someone who is allergic to dogs or even cause you embarrassment by acting in a foolish way. If you crate train your puppy at the outset, you can simply ask your puppy to go to its crate while guests are around.<br />Crate training a puppy is also important when you are leaving your house for a couple of hours. It is obvious for any baby, whether a human baby or a dog baby, to get curious about the things around him, especially when there is no one to watch over him.<br />However, if you have crate trained your puppy, you can send him off to his crate before leaving and be sure that you will find him right there when you come back. This will not only save you from the effort you might need to put in arranging the things he might have scattered but also protect him from being hurt by household appliances.<br />Puppy crate training is also helpful when you have a small child in the house and you want the baby or toddler to play on the floor. You might want to get your child friendly with the puppy but, do it after a few months as your baby could be very vulnerable right now. In such cases, your puppy can be led to the crate while your baby plays outside.<br />To know more about Puppy Crate Training visit PuppyCrateTrainingTips.com <br />I hope you have enjoyed this Episode and stay tuned for more to come<br />