Puppy crate training starts with a cozy crate


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http://www.puppycratetrainingtips.com This article advises you to buy a cozy and comfortable crate before you bring your puppy home, to make Puppy Crate Training easy.

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Puppy crate training starts with a cozy crate

  1. 1. PuppyCrateTrainingTips.com<br />Episode 3: Easy Steps to Puppy Crate Training<br />Hello and welcome to a new Episode from PuppyCrateTrainingTips.com<br />Today we are going to talk about: Easy Steps to Puppy Crate Training<br />Crate training puppies is one of the easiest parts of puppy house training. All you need to do is to adopt a systematic approach towards puppy crate training rather than using a haphazard way of pushing your puppy in the crate.<br />Adult dog crate training is definitely a very difficult task but if you introduce your puppy to its crate, the day you bring it home, it will start associating with the crate as his home from the very first day. It is always advisable to make use of the rewards method for puppy house training and it applies to crate training as well.<br />Here is a list of easy steps for crate training your little puppy:<br />1) It is advisable to buy a comfortable and cozy crate before you bring your puppy home. You can simply leave the puppy around the crate and let it explore the crate and its surroundings.<br />2) Even if your puppy does not enter the crate on his own, do not worry. You can start putting the food near the gate of the crate and push a little inwards every day. After a few days, you can put the food inside the crate and once your puppy is comfortably inside, close the door.<br />3) It is also advisable to get a crate that has sufficient space for the puppy to stretch, turn and sleep comfortably. However, you should make sure that the crate is not very big as that will take away the cozy feeling from it.<br />4) It is always preferable to pick your puppy up and place it in the crate every time it indicates that it is feeling sleepy. This will make him realize that his crate is the right place for him to sleep and soon he will start retiring to his crate on his own when he is sleepy or tired.<br />5) Once your puppy has identified the crate as his home, you can teach him the command of ‘go to crate’ or ‘go sleep’ to make sure he gets into his crate easily when you have to stay away from home for some time.<br />You also need to remember that you can’t expect your little puppy to stay inside the crate for very long. Therefore, you can start with letting it in the crate for 20 minutes to begin with and then increase the time gradually.<br />To know more about Puppy Crate Training visit PuppyCrateTrainingTips.com<br />I hope you have enjoyed this episode and stay tuned for more to come. <br />