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Overcoming Puppy Crate Training Problems


Published on Even puppies need a good and clean space to live in. Dealing with Puppy Crate Training is the topic in this article.

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Overcoming Puppy Crate Training Problems

  1. 1. EPISODE 5 “Puppy Crate Training Problems and How to Overcome Them”
  2. 2. Dog crate training is an essential part  Dog crate training is an essential part of dog house training.  g g
  3. 3. It is always  easier to crate  easier to crate train puppies  train puppies than to crate  train adult dogs
  4. 4. Start with puppy  crate training right  after your pet has  after your pet has finished basic  obedience training.
  5. 5. A crate is a like a second  home for your puppy.
  6. 6. Common Problems  While  Crate Training Puppies
  7. 7. PROBLEM: Making  a puppy go to the  h crate when he has not  been able to obey  commands yet. commands yet
  8. 8. SOLUTION: Start  with obedience  training first.  training first Don’t do things  simultaneously.
  9. 9. PROBLEM:  Puppies avoiding  their crates. their crates
  10. 10. SOLUTION: Send your puppy  off to the crate when they are  off to the crate when they are sleepy or when you have put  their food next to the crate.
  11. 11. PROBLEM: Sometimes  PROBLEM: Sometimes puppies react negatively to  the idea of a crate because  they are simply guided to the  they are simply guided to the crate right away.
  12. 12. SOLUTION: Start  with picking up your  puppy and placing it  puppy and placing it in the crate for the  first few times.
  13. 13. PROBLEM: Puppies do not  PROBLEM: Puppies do not want to stay in their crates. y
  14. 14. SOLUTION:  SOLUTION The problem  p could be with the  crate. Change it  crate Change it into a more  comfortable one.
  15. 15. Once he has  finished puppy crate  training, your puppy will go to the  training your puppy will go to the crate on his own. 
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