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Math homework help

  2. 2. GEOMETRY IS THE STUDY OF FIGURES. Plane geometry studies figures in a flat, two dimensional space called a plane.  Polygons-Triangles, Quadrilaterals….  Perimeter and area  Circles Solid geometry studies figures in a three- dimensional space.  Coordinate Geometry  Volume
  3. 3. POINT , LINES AND THE ANGLESTHEY FORM POINTS:  A POINT has no dimension and only position. LINES AND THE ANGLESTHEY FORM:  A LINE IS a continuous set of points having 1 dimension length.  A LINE SEGMENT IS a part of a line.
  4. 4. INTERSECTING LINES AND RULESABOUT ANGLES FORMED 3 WAYS TO DESCRIBE AN ANGLE ANGLE DEFINED: space formed when two lines meet at a point, ANGLE RELATIONSHIPS(adjacent/complementary) Intersecting lines (vertical/supplementary angles) Parallel lines
  5. 5. INTERSECTING/PARALLEL Angle relationships for Angle relationships for parallel intersecting lines lines 1) Angles opposite Each Other Corresponding Angles Are Equal and Called Vertical Defined Angles 2) Angles Adjacent to Each Parallel Lines Are Defined Other Are Supplementary Perpendicular Lines Intersect Alternate Interior Angles Are Right Angles formed by transverse lines.
  6. 6. POLYGONS: PLANE CLOSED FIGURE MADE UPOF STRAIGHT LINE SEGMENTS.Remember type is defined bynumber of sides…3/triangle,4/quadrilateral, 5/pentagon, Shared Principles6/hexogon…DifferencesSimilar verses Congruent: Sum of the Angles= (N-2) X 180Angles equal/sides proportional vs. Each angle is #/N (becauseangles equal but sides same size number of sides=number of angles.)and shape
  7. 7. SIMILAR VS. CONGRUENT POLYGONS Angles equal/sides proportional vs. Angles equal but sides same size and shape equal but sides same size and shape.
  8. 8. CIRCLES :  A plane closed figure formed by a set of points equidistant from a fixed point called the center.
  9. 9. IMPORTANT TERMS: Circumference: boundary . Radius: distance from center to any point on circumference. Diameter: line segment passing through the center and ending on both ends at circ. Chord: line segment having both endpoints on circ….longest one is diameter. Secant: line passing through the circle interesting it at 2 points.
  10. 10. IMPORTANT TERMS: (CONT..) Tangent: line intersecting the circle at only one point. Radius from that point is perpendicular to the tangent. Arc: a part of the circ. Semi- Cirlce:- an arc that is ½ the circumference. Sector: The interior part of circle bordered by two radii and the arc they intercept. Central Angle: verses inscribed angle…center point vs. point on circumference.
  11. 11. WHAT IS PI? Ratio Circ: diameter of a circle! So pi X diameter=circ The area of a circle: A= r2 . Pi= 3.14 or 3.1 or 3 1/7 or 22/7.
  12. 12. COORDINATE GEOMETRY Locates geometric figures on planes via Cartesian Coordinate System. If only x and y then it is two dimensions. If x, y and z then it is no longer on a plane but in space, so it is three dimensional. With x and y only, then two planes are divided into 4 quadrants. (I, 11, 111 and 1V)
  13. 13.  Distance Sq.: (x2-x1)2 + (y1-y2)2 So the square root of the dist= square root of above Midpoint (x1 + x2) /2, (y1+y2)/2= x midp..y midp. Slope: m = y2-y1/X2 - X1
  14. 14. VOLUMES: Cubes.  Volume = e3 . Cylinders  Volume = r2 h. Pyramids  Volume = 1/3 lwh. Cones  Volume = 1/3 r2 h. Sphere  Volume = 4/3 r3
  15. 15. THANK YOUFor more details visit :