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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Script added

  1. 1. Script – CharactersMr Draper - Teacher Girl (1), girl (2), girl (3), boy (1) & boy (2) – 6th Formers (teens) Ghost Child – Year 7/8 Scene 1 - Centre court (playground), very wide shot taking up full frame and setting the scene Sound of children, mid-day (break/lunch time) no dialogue Scene 2 – All 5-6 characters and Mr Draper (teacher) in the classroom The class sitting in their seats at the same table Mr Draper- Right … so now I want you to work in pairs and discuss the gothic elements in both the texts Girl 1 - (takes out her phone, looks at it under the table) Ahah look at this Girl 2- What is it? Girl 1- Its lyrics to that knife gamesong (zoom into phone screen- lyrics) Boy 2- Shhh don’t mention that game, you know a kid was killed in this class because of that stupid game! (Smirk) Girl 3- Whatever Mr Draper- Put that phone away(girl 1)! (Point of view – girl 1 looks up at teacher) Girl 1- Puts her phone away Girl 3- Looks down onto the word ‘Blood’ (in focus – camera) Scene 3 – At the library, all the characters sit together playing the knife game – sounds of laughter/giggling Boy 1- Watch me go fast now (knife game) Girl 2- Let me have a go! Boy 2 – Why don’t we sneak back into school at night and play in Mr Draper’s class Background Boy 1- Oh my god yeah we might even see the ghost Girl 1- Shut up! Ghosts don’t exist
  2. 2. Boy 2- Yeah they do,why don’t we come back at night and find out Scene 4 – Walking up the stairs to the classroom Sound of giggling from the girls, heavy sound of footsteps –walking up the stairs Scene 5 – Outside the classroom Boy 1- Opens the door of the classroom (slightly squeaky sound) Ghost Boy – Runs by laughing, behind the characters Scene 6 – Whos in the scene. Boy 2 – more chat, built up to be scared All the characters now sit down at the same table; have their phones beside them with the virtual candle app running. Playing the knife game – close up on hands mainly with the sound of the ‘knife game song’ overlapping Boy 2- That girl died here, those six formers played the knife game on her, they stabbed her hand to the table and left her to die... Girl 1 & 3 – Shocked faces Point of view shot - outside the window , terrible weather, sound of rain/thunder Girl 1 - Looks down on the table and notices blood in the center of the table, stands up Girl 1 - Im leaving!! (Walks towards the door however the door slams, girl 1 starts to cry) screaming Boy more scared? Have the 2 boys look at eachother girl 1 believe its just a prank Creaky sound of the office door in Mr Drapers class, door opening slowly Ghost Child - (sound of the squeaking chair) Ghost Child on the chair (close up) flicker camera shots – quick All characters run into the office and see no one on the chair Reaction shots of Girl 3 and Boy 2 End of trailer