September 16, 2010

                      At Navicor, it’s
                     never been just
ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010
                                     Damon Lynn                                     Exp...
Biogen Idec Oncology
ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010

                                     Virtual Representative
Syntonix Hemophilia
ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010

                                     Distance Challenge X-Treme
ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010

                                        Lundbeck ATryn web site

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Oncology Ad Guy Digital Capabilities


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This document is an overview or our agencies POV and capabilities when it comes to digital media. We have a group of talented digital developers that know what it takes to build software applications and websites but also understands FDA concerns and the oncology space. This unique perspective allows us to handle digital production for oncology brands.

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Oncology Ad Guy Digital Capabilities

  1. 1. ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010 At Navicor, it’s never been just about the medium, it's always been about the Anyone looking for a PRINT specialist AGENCY? message. So why would anyone look for a digital specialist agency? In today’s media-neutral beyond techy production. It’s document and we’d be happy to promotional marketplace, it’s never been just about the medium share some more examples of the surprising the cachet that for us, but always about the exciting digital projects in our agencies styling themselves as message. Expertise in digital portfolio with you on request. digital specialists still conjure up. mediums is part of what makes us While there are many of these oncology specialists. We’ve built We’ve considered digital to be an companies to choose from, few our set of capabilities around integrated part of our offering offer the combination of digital providing exactly what you need since we opened our doors. In expertise with knowledge of the to sell oncology products into the fact, digital projects comprise oncology marketplace that we do oncology marketplace and to about a third of our billing, and at The Navicor Group. build oncology brands with continues to grow at a rapid rate oncologists—who just happen to year over year. What makes us different? We’re consume digital content as probably the best “specialist naturally as they do the content of Let the experts available to you at digital agency” you never heard every other important channel. The Navicor Group collaborate of. And that’s because The to propose, design, and Navicor Group has integrated The Navicor Group employs implement effective, cutting-edge digital excellence into its DNA. some of the best qualified and digital solutions to your marketing Our digital capabilities (cutting- most deeply experienced digital and communication challenges. edge, ground-breaking, “how did experts around. You will find a they do that” capabilities) go few samples of our work in this INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM
  2. 2. ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010 Damon Lynn Expertise in digital mediums Digital Engineer is part of what makes us As this title suggests, Damon’s deep expertise in programming and analytics oncology specialists. means that he can take a “what if we could do . . .” kind of notion and turn it into reality. He brings 10 years of hard- earned experience on successful projects Marvin Bowe ranging from small business websites and SVP, ECD innovative mobile apps to large-scale, service-oriented, database-driven, e- Marvin leads the new media commerce solutions. Damon’s ability to development for Navicor, focusing on furnish solutions is based on a deep Internet linking strategies; engaging understanding of the social dynamics, physicians, patients, and caregivers marketing context, and relevance of each through online social community project that he and his team undertake. dialogue; tracking online trends and enhancing SEO by maximizing user- Matt Blubaugh generated content for client’s brands. He started his career as a contract web Interactive Developer developer in the early dot com era before Matt lives by the maxim that an intuitive shifting to pharmaceutical advertising design eliminates confusion and industry. Not only has Marvin created empowers the user to explore. He is an multimedia solutions, he actually taught expert Flash developer with a knack for students the genre for four years. Marvin enhancing interactivity with animation. offers the perfect balance between digital While his appreciation for effective strategic thinking and a deep interface design elevates his work way understanding of the specialized above standard fare, it is his interest in requirements of communicating in the gadgets and electronics that keeps him oncology marketplace. (and us) at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques. With the Erik Slangerup popularity of mobile devices and touch VP, Creative Director screen technology on the rise, Matt’s ability to optimize content and deliver an Erik has been developing brands and intuitive experience for smart phone and writing content for the web for more tablet users gives our clients a real than 13 years. Recognized in the strategic advantage. community as an industry leader, Erik currently instructs a popular advanced- JR Prospal level college course on writing for digital media. In 2010, Erik was a winner of the Web Designer Ohio Interactive Awards for Navicor focuses on JR infuses his web development talents development of an augmented reality microsite, the “Universal Seasonal Internet linking with over 20 years of design experience to create web- and email-based Greeter.” Over the past decade, he has strategies; engaging communication solutions that not only focused on the healthcare space, physicians, patients, work seamlessly, but look fantastic as well. launching multiple consumer and and caregivers His understanding of web standards professional brands—from chemotherapies to cosmeceuticals— through online social ensures that your messages present well across the various platforms. He utilizes online. Prior to immersing himself in the community dialogue; story and structure to produce specialized healthcare arena, Erik cut his tracking online trends memorable presentations. JR’s personal teeth on site creation for a broader and enhancing SEO mission is to clearly and persuasively category of products, including by maximizing user- express each project’s message through a everything from hot tubs to hotel chains. rich visual vocabulary in ways that generated content harness the internet’s powerful for clients. opportunities to inform physicians and patients alike. INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM
  3. 3. Biogen Idec Oncology ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010 Virtual Representative Booth at ASH For some years, Biogen Idec had been struggling to transcend its reputation as a company that could develop products but not commercialize them. In 2007 it had a wealth of exciting announcements it wanted to share with the ASH audience about its pipeline of products but was reluctant to risk unstructured discussions straying off topic and potentially imperiling the approval process. Of course, while it’s one thing to have relevant information, it is quite another to bring those data to life in ways that encourage delegates to visit the booth—especially in the absence of real, flesh-and-blood representatives! Convinced that human presentation was key to the project’s success, the Navicor Group’s solution was to deploy four 6-foot high plasma touch-screens Stepping onto a footpad triggered the “company scientist” would then deliver a featuring “research scientist” avatars avatar to walk over to the delegate in full scripted presentation. This device served that would “interact” with delegates in life-size. The avatar would frame the both to convey information and attract a compelling way. topics for presentation on the sheet of other delegates into the booth to glass—all that appeared to separate him participate. The technology worked Upon approaching a panel, a visitor or her from the visitor—who would seamlessly, and company officials would see an image of the scientist simply touch the topic they were considered the entire enterprise to be a working at a desk across a room. interested in hearing about. The resounding success. iQ, Digital lab of inVentiv Communications iQ is our “intel inside.” As part of the inVentiv family of services, iQ is a unique resource available to you where digital experimentation becomes marketing innovation. Its mission is to bring bold, breakthrough innovations to our clients in fast-changing areas like mobile, social, and tablet computing. Its collaborative process has led to the creation of products like Segue, a delivery system that simply and effectively turns secure brand content into powerful, personal conversations, resulting in more relevant sales calls. Another iQ innovation is Fluent, a web-based tool that lets nurses digitally assemble comprehensive, personalized action plans for their cancer patients using drag-and-drop technology. INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM
  4. 4. Syntonix Hemophilia ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010 Distance Challenge X-Treme Hemophilia is a lifelong condition that keeps many young boys from enjoying as active a lifestyle as they could due to the risk of triggering joint bleeds. So for the many children and families attending the 2009 meeting of the National Hemophilia Foundation, the ability to play a virtual Xtreme BMX video game was a fun diversion from the serious content of the congress, and proved to be a huge draw to the company’s booth. The game interface was completely envisaged, designed, and coded in-house. There are parallels between the BMX game play and our client’s hemophilia product development program: Like the players of the game, the people at Syntonix are committed to going the distance to develop innovative products for hemophilia. They chose to develop this asset with us because they were confident in our ability to realize the project above their expectations. They were not disappointed. The game was so successful that it is now a permanent feature on the brand website and can be downloaded to play on both Mac and Windows platforms. Again, the coding for this was done by the resident digital experts at The Navicor Group. Periodic enhancements to the game are in the works, keeping loyal customers coming back for more. Download the Game! for >>Windows or >>Mac OS X INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM
  5. 5. ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 16, 2010 Lundbeck ATryn web site As you know, not all web sites are created equal. While these The design of the site also allowed us to make a wealth items are pretty standard fare nowadays, the mark of a of product information available without cluttering the superior website isn’t always immediately apparent, but appearance or compromising the site’s usability. All in all, a emerges out of the user experience, the utility of what the very clean example of how a deceptively simple looking site site offers, and the ease of the interface. can produce tangible benefits from a commercial point of view. For Lundbeck, we created the atryn.com site predominantly to provide physicians with an easy-to-use dosage calculator that took just 3 steps to simplify the otherwise very complicated adjustment for switching patients from other antithrombin medications to the benefits of Atryn. User feedback from our target audience was overwhelmingly positive. INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM