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Its a universal software.students,business man and everybody have use for can make presentations,applications.curriculum vitae or database it has lots of applications.

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  1. 1. Microsoft Office <ul><li>Microsoft Word
  2. 2. Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. 3. Microsoft Excel </li></ul>By <ul><li>Marvi khokhar </li></ul>
  4. 4. APPLICATION SOFTWARE <ul><li>Microsoft Word
  5. 5. Microsoft PowerPoint
  6. 6. Microsoft Visio
  7. 7. Microsoft Outlook
  8. 8. Microsoft InfoPath designer
  9. 9. Microsoft Excel
  10. 10. Microsoft Access
  11. 11. Microsoft OneNote
  12. 12. Microsoft Project </li></ul>Software
  13. 13. Ms word Microsoft Word is a great word processing program used to create professional-quality documents it was designed to give you the finest document-formatting tools, Ms Word also helps you easily organize and write your documents more efficiently. A Microsoft Word file is called a document or a text document. Microsoft Word is a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). This means more than one document can be opened at a time and a user can work from many document alternatively
  14. 14. Word wrap <ul><li>It allows to type continuously. </li></ul>Deleting text <ul><li>It allows to make corrections by deleting characters, entire words or larger blocks . </li></ul>Inserting texts <ul><li>It can also insert characters and provide facility to keep the cursor on that word and insert the omitted letter. </li></ul>Bullets and numbering <ul><li>Word has extensive list of bullets and numbering features used for tables, lists, pages, chapters, headers, footnotes, and tables of content. </li></ul>Tables <ul><li>It can create an attractive table to customize to our needs </li></ul>Moving and copying text <ul><li>It permits to move a block of text of any size without deleting or retyping and can move text. </li></ul>Proofreading and Check Spelling <ul><li>Perform Proofreading and Check Spelling . </li></ul>WordArt <ul><li>WordArt enables drawing text in a Microsoft Word document such as a title, watermark, or other text, with graphical effects such as, shadowing, rotating, stretching in a variety of shapes and colors and three-dimensional effects . </li></ul>Features
  15. 15. Change Case dialog box The Office Assistant Line Spacing combo box
  16. 16. Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint is a powerful tool for the creation of linear presentations that contain images,sounds,animations and transitions. It is used to create slide show composed of text, graphics, movies and other objects, which can be displayed on-screen and navigated through by the presenter or printed out on transparencies or slides.
  17. 17. It offers how slide will arrange ,also: <ul><li>Slide view
  18. 18. Outline view
  19. 19. Slide sorter
  20. 20. Slide show
  21. 21. Normal view </li></ul>We can insert: <ul><li>Picture
  22. 22. Clip art
  23. 23. Photo album
  24. 24. Shapes
  25. 25. Smart art
  26. 26. Chart </li></ul><ul><li>Hyper link
  27. 27. Action
  28. 28. Text board
  29. 29. World art
  30. 30. Date & time
  31. 31. Slide number
  32. 32. Symbol
  33. 33. Object
  34. 34. Movie
  35. 35. sound </li></ul>Various views of PowerPoint presentations <ul><li>animation </li></ul>
  36. 36. Microsoft Excel The main area of Microsoft Excel is made of cells. A cell is the intersection of a column and a row. The Cells <ul><li>Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to create and manage business transactions that deal with accounting financial calculations, statistical analysis, and other related operations. </li></ul>
  37. 37. The title bar The Ribbon Under the title bar, Microsoft Excel displays a long bar called the Ribbon, The ribbon is a type of property sheet made of various property pages. Each page is represented with a tab. When Microsoft Excel opens, it displays an interface divided in various sections. The top section displays a long bar also called the title bar.
  38. 38. The Options of the Office Button The Quick Access Button The menu of the Office Button allows you to perform the routine Windows operations of a regular application, including creating a new document, opening an existing file, or saving a document, etc. The role of this button is to manage some aspects of the top section of Microsoft Excel, such as deciding what buttons to display on the Quick Access toolbar The main or middle area of the top section displays the name of the application
  39. 39. The Work Area The Name Box The Column Headers The columns are labeled A, B, C, etc There are 255 of columns Under the Ribbon, there is a white box displaying a name like A1 that small box is called the Name Box
  40. 40. the Formula Bar The Row Headers The Navigation Buttons The Sheet Tabs We can use the navigation buttons to move from one worksheet to another. You can work with any of them and switch to another at any time by clicking its tab We can apply different different formulas
  41. 41. Application