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English project


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my english project

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English project

  1. 1. Zombies future By: Arturo Jaramillo
  2. 2. introduction  I am talking about the future i think that we are going to have the wrongest future of the universo, crist decide to put a virus that change our own descriptions making we a zombie that virus start expanding in all the world but colombia is the unic with out zombies And me and My family are going to go to start doing the world another time
  3. 3. índex  Introduction Family Descriptions Likes and dislikes Personality Studies goals
  4. 4. family  Past: my family was  Present: my family is componed by 10 compose by 5 persons persons, they lived in one is a dog and the bogota – colombia in others are humans. villa luz after the earth quake of armenia
  5. 5. descriptions  I am going to be a good person polite and with my own personality as know, i am going to humild and not with many things as know but i can change as my fisic aspect like my hair it could be of other color.
  6. 6. Family of future  My family is going to be composed by 6 people, 4 girls my wife, we will improve the world after all the tragedy of the zombies, i am going to get marry in cartagenas beach. We are going to be the best family of the world.
  7. 7. fashion  past present The fashion was cooler  We wear a we decided we than today thay ware t used jeans and t shirts and the womens use chirts of rock bands and skinny pants with cool strange jeans that have glasses and with cool wholes. hair.  The new fashion is like a reperman with the clothes eith many drawings
  8. 8. Fashion of the future  I think that we will use the best fashion wide clothes with white shoes for the school and with t shirts of foot ball pr basket ball. Using comfortable clothes all the time, is going to be with tribes like emos, skinheads that kind of communities of th world and with many caps.
  9. 9. Likes and dislikes  Likes: i would like to use weapons and to be a mechanic of big cars, i am going to my 4 daughters and the rest of my family. I am going to like cars and the speedy, i would like to travel to usa to kill all that zombies that are there. I would like to travel to erope to start stufing the medicine that have the cure of the zaombies. Dislikes: i am going to hate the poor life and small houses for bigs families And the samllest cars. I am going to hate the smokes and the millonarios team and also the meet of china.
  10. 10. studies I am going to study gastronomy and architect in the colombias army to be a shonyperson after that i will be the best chef of the world working in a italian restaurant. I wil do my specialization in italian food to make it for important people like the president and his family. But the future of the zombies impide me
  11. 11. goals present  future I want to have a good work  I am going to have big house to get my family to a good in italy to get there in or better future in colombia vacations with my family, i am going to have a hummer or in another country as usa to travel in all the world and i or italy. am going to have a good factory of motos.