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Pratik typware

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT AHMEDABAD Assignment on Typware INTERNATIONAL HRM Submitted To Prof- Robin Thomas Sir By: Pratik K S Negi SS/09-11/ISBE/HR About the case Characters involved in the case A> Renate Schmidt – HR manager ( Typware ltd German software giant’s) B> Anne Prevost – ( the head hunt for the job position) C> Jürgen Mehr – ( European head of Marketing) D> Thomas – CEO of the firm E> Rainer Barth – contact at the consulting firm Q1- what are the issues that the HR manager is facing in determining the compensation? Ans- Typware AG- the company, the issues in the case revolve around the HR manager Renate Schmidt, who has an issue hanging in front of her regarding the compensation plan fixation. - Renate Schmidt faces with foreign assignees are symptomatic of Typware lack of strategy. - The demand what Anne is asking for jumping the ship was way above the rate what company has given to other nationals - Offer from Seistrand Systems ready to offer her the same package with stock options.
  2. 2. - The offer the candidate is asking is equal to the reporting officer and thus the dissatisfaction has cropped in from the reporting head itself. - Dilemma of grating or approving such a high package. - Candidate has categorically checked the figure in differences in tax rates, inflation, benefits, floating currencies, and other options. - Renate Schmidt – was in some pressure to work out the incentives and compensation and recommendation to be drafted for the recruit. - Pay was not rationalized at all, and Renate had noticed increasingly troublesome salary and benefit disparities among the managerial ranks. - female and minority employees made less than their white male counterparts - Implementation of a person specific pay system was not relevant as because in such monolithic pay scale environment. German Pay scales were set as an bench mark in the international expansion + enrollment in local health care programs, as well as contributions to their German social security and retirement plans This policy worked because German standard & PPP (higher compared to other countries) But now the question is that a person from other company is being offered a place in the system in Germany for which no clear demarcations are possible - She holds a weak hand in her negotiations with manpower present round the globe with their demands which were region and person specific and management decision to cater them to retain the best work force. - She holds a weak link to the personal and social obligations and other remunerations plus incentives that she is getting in US and other differential that she has to make a demarcation for anchoring in the candidate. - No history to guide her in the case of hiring a foreign national working at the head quarter. - - - Q2- How will you decide the compensation of the candidate? Ans- Would like to suggest a model for the remuneration that the company should allocate to her to make sure that she becomes an integral part of the strategy team. Reasons to anchor her as a prospect 1. The candidate is herself interested
  3. 3. 2. Anne understands and flexible enough to understand the problem the company is facing. Model what I will propose Base Pay (fixed as in for the last employee at the same position) [40 %] + Incentive system (as per the business development that she will develop) [20 % on German scaling] 10 % if targets meet on average It will make sure that the 15 % if targets meet at par Inclusion of Anne is justified 20 % if above par + (Equity compensation can be included) if company agrees to it + {Rest 40 % will be a package pay for international work force} HRA (on German scales) + Education incentive and other incentives + Standard of living incentive (if a mismatch with base country PPP) + Additional cash bonus (for SME positions) + (Tax exception bonus for US properties and other assets if there) + Special allowances for direct dependents in the domicile country + Additional (incentives for cost of living and package balance) + Medical insurance from the company + gratuity and other pension plans to be reimbursed if the US [SSN] doesn’t work out. + Children educational loans and other fringe benefits can be included  Plus we have to make sure that these changes have to be communicated to all the employees that they are specific plans for the people coming from other countries to Germany.  Plus we have to choke out plans for Germans who will be venturing out to other countries where the operations of Typware are established.  Plus a referral plan can be included for the employees of the company so that they can incentives as per the people joining the organization.