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Diversity shrm ( pratik)


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Diversity shrm ( pratik)

  1. 1. Workforce Diversity Changing the Way You Do Business BY: Pratik Negi Shalini Kaushal
  2. 2. What is Diversity ?
  3. 3. A Management system which incorporates the differences found in a multicultural workforce in a manner which results in the highest level of productivity for both the organization and the individual. Ongoing Process Inclusive Process Managing diversity
  4. 4. Diversity as an asset New Products and Services Better Image Effective and Happy Workforce Expansion of Markets
  5. 5. Diversity =“ strength + Management” •Embrace diversity •Recruit broadly • Select fairly •Provide orientation and training •Sensitize all employees •Strive to be flexible •Seek to motivate individually •Involve all when designing the program •Avoid Stereotypes
  6. 6. Company that employs a diverse workforce • Better able to understand the demographics of the marketplace. • Thus better equipped to thrive in that marketplace than a company that has a more limited range of employee demographics. • Improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. • Employers can take the best of the advantage of the diverse workforce and there multi talented workforce. • More innovative ideas and better cohesion comes in the workforce. • Better control over staff and more conducive environment to bring about any change. • Works wonders when many people coordinate and form a unit for a particular job. • Its make automatic tool for organizations advertising and Employer branding. • Make the structure free from biases and remove errors from the system.
  7. 7. • No Discriminating Policy • Open Door Policy • Education Assistance Program • Share in company's success • Safe and Pleasant work environment • Flexible work hours  The company believes that diversity bridges the gap between the workplace and the marketplace.  IBM include International Women’s Day celebrations  Women’s Leadership Conference,  World Disability Day  Childcare Centers International example Policies that support Diversity at HP and IBM
  8. 8. Indian context the diversity management • Infosys hire from European & US universities. • TCS and Wipro are actively recruiting foreign nationals. Indian aviation industry has more number of foreign pilots than Indian pilots • Encourage women employees in IT & Banking • Tata motors – Non- Indians for several projects • A recent report from the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that there are about 37,000 Britishers working in India